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Bob's Wild Gaia Necklace Collection

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Lightning Necklace 18

Shaman Bob makes these necklaces with Lightning Wood, lush suede leather or Vegan lacing, amber, exotic gemstones and beads, and other all-natural materials in a colorful and energetic celebration of Spirit.

  • Each Necklace One-Of-A-Kind--        Just Like You! 

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Lightning Necklace 3


We are sorry, but we cannot accept any returns due to on-going Covid rates.

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Customer Comments


Blessings Bob!
I received the beautiful necklace yesterday, and did not get to do the unveiling until late last night! And it’s gorgeous! And I know it will help me in my shamanic work...

Thank you Bob, and there’s so much to be grateful for and allowing the light to bring back strongly kindness and compassion. I hope you and yours are well, and thanks for all of the beautiful tools of spirit that you make available.

Much gratitude. -- Missouri


Blessings Bob!
I hope you’re enjoying the day! The new beauty arrived a bit ago and I’ve smudged and welcomed it and can’t wait to work with the new spirit !

You make such marvelous spirit peeps! Thanks again Bob and please know how grateful I am and remain…

With light always.  --Missouri

Lightning Necklace 16 web.jpg

My necklace arrived today. Thanks so much! She is beautiful! Wishing you all the best.
Namaste.  Lori.  -- Texas


Left: TVD Photo of Lori's amber and lightning wood necklace. Right: Lori's photo, wow!

customer and her new necklace.jpg

(Bob had remembered this wonderful customer purchasing a drum years ago -- seen at right in this photo she submitted back then. So he mentioned it when sending this necklace to her recently, which she wears in the photo she sent, at left. The following is her delightful reply.)


It's amazing you remembered my drum like that! Time flies too because you made the drum for me on 2016 or 2017.

Yes! The necklace is a great compliment to my drum. The drum must have been calling out to its mate.

Attached is a picture.

Let's stay in touch.

Love and light, Karen  --Pennsylvania

customer with her drum.jpg
Lightning Necklace 12 web.jpg

Hi, Bob

The pendants are POWERFUL and each has a separate energy and function. I was inspired to gift two of them to practicing spiritual pioneers. Both pendants will be honored and support their healing practices.

Lightening Necklace 12 wants to remain with me and I can feel its power and energy. The length of the chain places it over the classic "power" center on my body, but I will probably place it over the spiritual power center, the heart, most times.

I am assuming that you clear all negative energies from harvesting of the animals and other beings when you prepare the pendants. That is a very critical function as humans have sacrificed many, many Earth beings without heart or respect.

My preference would be to only use animal parts as absolutely necessary such as in the drums and make all the pendants vegan.


Thank you for these amazing pendants!

In Deep Peace, Love and Gratitude,
Gail  --Oregon

TVD 15 Leather and Orange Bracelet w.jpg

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