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A beautiful Baltic amber ( 34-48 million years old) pendant with  Lightning Wood, bone and copper beads on two strands of delicate suede lace.


  • Amber Pendant, 1 3/8" x 1 1/4" multifaceted (slightly scuffed on back side)
  • Overall 32" length (16-inch Princess style), slide closure
  • The intricacy of this piece required two very thin strands of flat suede lacing which, should one separate, can be easily reattached with a single small drop of glue.
  • Learn more in the right column, "Shamanic Properties of This Necklace"


Want to send this as a gift? It's easy! After payment, simply email Bob with the name and the U.S. shipping address of the recipient and he'll send it!

Genuine Amber Necklace 34

  • To a shaman, the all-natural materials of the Wild Gaia Collection offer beautiful spiritual qualities as an added benefit to the original beauty and uniqueness of the necklaces themselves.


    Briefly, this necklace:

    A sacred amber pendant joined with Lightning Wood, bone and copper beads form a strong connection with the ancestors, Spirit, totem animals and healing ways to allieviate suffering and spiritual illness in shamanic ceremony.


    Materials Shamanic Properties:

    • Amber is a master of transmutation, able to change negative energy into positive healing, what is often referred to as "good medicine" by many indigenous people. "Medicine is as close to love as it is to science..."  --Rachel Naomi Remen (from


    • Bone beads have been used in nearly every culture on Earth, invariably linking the hunt, the cycle of life and a profound connection with ancestral memory.


    • Copper, as Bob has explained in detail elsewhere on the site, is the perfect conductor of spiritual energy and deflector of interfering energy when used in healing ceremony. Its use in shamanism dates back to the original discovery of the precious metal, and has always been favored by Siberian healers (believed by many experts to be the birthplace of shamanic practice).


    • Lightning Wood ignites ceremonies in all facets. Read more about Lightning Wood with Bob's free articles and eBook on this page (link).


    • This delicate piece is best suited for light ceremony, meditation and the like, and not for everyday use.
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