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The Benefits of Drumming

Articles and Research


Here are just a few of the dozens of reports available about the benefits of drumming.

  • This first link will lead to abstracts for some early baseline studies, now 10 years old or so, by an

influential researcher, Barry Bittman, M.D. 

  • An interesting overview from National Institutes of Health (NIH) published results:


A few random, anecdotal articles, with footnotes for further research.

I'll begin with a wonderful article from new friend, Gideon, in London, England: (footnotes at the end of Page 2, though some may be outdated)

  (overview article from Psychology Today’s site)  (Article from the Green Med Info site, with more links to others)



Sandra Ingerman, MA, a prolific source for books, videos, etc., which include powerful sections devoted to drumming in a shamanic context. She has also produced some good recordings (can search YouTube, or get CDs, etc.), as have several other experts. 



a baby boy plays a shamanic drum
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