Shamanic Lightning Sticks

Holding Lightning In Your Hand

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Sample of a Shaman's Lightning Stick
Lightning Stick for a Shaman
Shamanic Lightning Stick Sample
Shaman's Lightning Stick Example
Lightning Stick Owned by a shaman
Lightning Stick for a shaman

Bob Explains Lightning Sticks (.pdf file)

The Majesty of  Lightning (.pdf file)

Price $260.

You may not have heard of Lightning Sticks before. These sacred helpers for shamanic ceremony (and for other spiritual providers, like Reiki masters, too) contain a paradox about lightning that you can hold in your hand.

​Examine the brief sampling of these special tools (above) that I've made for other shamanic healers around the world. Then feel free to download the little eBooks here to learn more about the enigmatic power and energy associated with such a humble helper as this, a mere stick, and lightning. 

Perhaps you will find an interest in incorporating it into your own healing practice, whatever it may be. You will be working with what seems to be a new technology of spiritual healing that is as old as humankind.

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