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Reviews of Bob's 10" Drums

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Read Emailed Customer Comments About Bob's 10" DRUMS Below

Comments & Reviews Emailed From Customers

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My drum has arrived,  it's spectacular. Thank you so much for your beautiful work. --Ireland

Hi Bob,

I received my drum yesterday and have fallen in love with it. I love the colors or the streamers and the beads that are knotted into the rawhide. I love the way you did the back with the bird in flight symbol. The sound is perfect and I can see all the time and attention that went into making it for me.

Thank you so much and I am certain that it will be my companion on many adventures. Blessings.  -- Maine


"My beautiful little Firefly Drum just showed up this morning... Oh My Goodness ... it's the cutest, most magical, beautiful, sacred work of art ever!! Thank you for what you do!!" 



An Interesting Email Exchange With Another California Customer:

I so so so love my drum. You packaged her up in such a lovely honorable way. Thank you so much. When I opened her tears came to my eyes. Tears of reverence and joy. I absolutely love her sound.

... She is having a hard time with my climate. I'm used to it but she has to be warmed up to sound her best. She was fine outside, and later in the night I went to play her and as you described, she became tinny. I had a fire in the wood stove and stood by it with her and she came right back around.


Maybe I will wrap her in a blanket to try to maintain her strength. I hope this will not tax her too much. I do live in a somewhat damp area but inside it isn't moist. Our average temp is about 55 in the house before we have a fire going and it gets chilly chilly at night.


If you have any tips I would love to learn them. I will find my blow dryer too! For when I don't have a fire going.


I'm out of town right now so she is home alone!

I am just absolutely thrilled with all that she is. I love her face! She reminds me of the moon. Your craftsmanship is incredible.

With much love and gratitude...


Bob's Response: I am so happy that you love your drum partner and are helping her to adjust to her lovely new home. And yes, I too thought of the moon while making her! Wow, you are very perceptive!

As for tips on keeping the drum in tune in chilly, damp weather, please refer to "Caring For Your Beloved Drum" right here on the site. I find a simple pleasure in caring for my drum, particularly when the weather is damp, and see it as an opportunity to deepen my connection with it by warming it. Of course, I’ve been doing this a very long time, and it has become a much anticipated ritual for me. I love ritual and ceremony!


So perhaps over time you will come to finding a similar pleasure in following the drums’ rhythm of needing some attention and bonding so the two of you are in union each time you pick it up. It does take some getting used to, however!

I am so very honored to receive your words and the beautiful healing energy they convey.

PS: I would love to include some of your comments on my Website if it’s okay with you. It helps people know that real people are using sacred drums!"


Her Reply: "HELLO Bob!!!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful note. I had some concern that the need to do that on a regular basis would 'tax' her, etc. I am beginning to understand, as I get to know her as well, that she is able to adjust to where she lives, especially shrouded in love and care along with inclusion! This is particularly touching to me because as I make my way in the world, the theme of inclusion comes need to ensure others are included and feel a part of things and also my challenges in joining with groups and feeling connected.


I am finding with my drum that I am able to apply the concept of inclusion in my day to day home life and rituals to include my drum! For example, last night--cold day, cold evening--by the time I made the fire in the wood stove it was time to sit and relax, and as I sat down I looked over to where I keep the drum when I have a fire and she was not there! I popped up, went to the room where she is kept when I am not home, wrapped in her lovely shawl, and I brought her into the fire room where she joined us for evening relaxation. She has such a true spirit and I am honored to welcome her to my family.

YES, please use comments that you feel would bring to life reality of real live people using, loving and embracing the spirit of the shaman drum.

Bob, I thank you for the gift of you, your spirit, your drums, your presentation, your website and your genuine true LOVE of the earth and the spirit world.

(Emails From Others, continued)...

Hi Bob,

Yes, it has arrived and I absolutely love it! It is beautiful and perfect!!!!

Thank you so much for the beautiful medicine bag as well! When we opened the bag and smelled the sweet grass my husband and I both were shocked cause the sweet grass is exactly what we had been smelling around our home since the day you had birthed my beautiful drum. Was it around sweet grass at all during that time? (Bob's Answer: "Yes! And Bear Root, too!)

Also, what is the drum made of? (Answer: horse rawhide) I believe it is cow hide but just want to be sure. :)

My beautiful drum and I are going to be great partners for years to come! Thank you so much for making this such an awesome experience! I will definitely be coming to you for any future needs! I appreciate you and all you do, Bob! :)

Blessings.  --Lisa in California

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