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12-Inch All-Natural Handmade Drums

Includes Shaman Bob's Custom Drums
& Drums From Other U.S. Master Drum Makers

Big Selection!
Choose Plain Or Decorated

Shaman Bob makes all drumsticks and personally decorates all decorated drums after conferring with you about your preferences for colors and materials.

customer hummingbird drum
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Site-wide Free U.S. Shipping When Total Purchase Exceeds $70

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PLEASE NOTE: Bob will contact you after purchase to discuss your preferences for decorations colors and materials. If he doesn't hear back from you in 10 days, he will be happy to decorate your items in the colors and materials of his choice.

Most Recent Reviews

Thanks so much for your sharing your thoughts and pictures with us!


Customers wife.jpg

A Christmas Gift!  12" Deep Frame Drum w/ Custom Drumstick

Left: Customer Supplied Image; Customer Chose Colors for Custom Drumstick


Greetings Bob,
Today was a good day for outside pictures. [My wife] said that the drum has good energy and she lights up when she hears it. She is most pleased with you and your product.

Thank you again for your personnel touch. Please use the pictures as you wish. --Georgia

a Decorated Deep Frame Drum customer image 350w.jpg

12" Deep Frame Drum w/ Custom Drumstick

Left: Customer Supplied Image; Customer Chose Colors for Custom Drumstick

Greetings to you this morning. We are very pleased with the Drum! All the details that you provided us with to properly care for the drum and ways to be able to connect with the drum have been very helpful and appreciated.

You are welcome to use pictures that you captured when making the drum or of the finished product.

The deep tone of the drum in its most basic use is mesmerizing. We are eager to continuing our relationship with it as a Shamanic tool and Partner.

I have attached a photo of my wife with the drum after the ceremony.

Thank you for the time and effort and soul infused with the drum.


12" Decorated Deep Frame Drum w/ Custom Drumstick

Left: Customer Supplied Image

Dear Bob!

I just returned from out of town to find this gorgeous drum on my doorstep! I absolutely love it!


I knew you’d choose the “right” colors😁 and oh! the beads! Wow! Everything about the drum, the drumstick, the sage in the colorful bag, all reflect your care and attention to detail in creating this beautiful piece of art.


It sounds incredible and I cannot wait to make it part of my daily life! Thank you so, so much!


Thank you for the care instructions and the drumming techniques as well. Feel free to use this picture and my email on your website and other social media platforms.


Many blessings to you and yours.


--North Carolina

customer supplied photo 2w.jpg

12" Decorated Hummingbird

Drum with All Accessories

Customer Supplied Photo


Oh dear Bob,  I discovered last night that the photo I took and the email I wrote immediately after this beautiful hummingbird drum arrived to our utter delight -- the email I thought until last night that I had sent -- was still sitting in my outbox. Writing an email and then forgetting to hit the Send button is one of my better faults...argh.  I am so sorry if the silence caused you worry over this lovely drum of your hands and heart.

Last night when I went to play for a while before bed, I heard a sadness -- kind of a homesickness in the soundings and realized that I hadn't heard from you since the drum's arrival.  That's when I discovered my own clumsiness. 

Please know I love each square inch of this hummingbird and each length of cord, string, yarn. The drumstick is magical -- and the bag of smudging herbs/flowers/tobacco -- and the lightning talisman -- all wondrous!

We are continuing to get to know one another and falling in love more and more and as I attune my heartbeat to its medicine.  


Please forgive my ineptitude in hitting the Send -- and rest easy, my friend, that the heartbeat of this drum is beloved here in Colorado. I've attached the photo I snapped right after its arrival -- just to let you know that it arrived in good condition.


We had a moment of concern because there was a big gouge in the front of the box  -- but upon opening the package, the gouge was into the open area of the back of the drum! You know how to package for protection!


Thank you again -- you are a beloved member of our family having created this lovely being of sound that now graces our home. Feel free to check in on us any time! --Colorado

Wonderful Pennsylvania Customer 275 w.jpg

12" Deep Frame Elk Drum

With Custom Drumstick

Customer Supplied Photo


Earlier Email:

OMG, I am so excited! Feeling emotional just reading your email. 

The best gifts are those we want to keep, lol. 

I felt such power reading about the gifts. The emerald chips made my heart sing as that's my favorite stone and birthstone. The lightning struck wood is so special and I feel honored to receive it! I am super excited about that part of the gift as well. The only thing is, I am not sure about the drum ceremony! I had never heard of it aas I have never owned a drum especially for these purposes, so I'm not sure what to do there. Is there something you could advise on? or should I just look it up? 

I feel so incredibly aligned with my drum already, and I am so happy that spirit led me to your site. 

I will definitely send you a picture when it arrives. 

Thank you so much! 


Much love and light...

Email Upon Drum Delivery:




Omg thank you so much! It is indeed a beautiful powerful drum.


I’ve used it 4 times since Saturday and it just leads me on a journey of its own.


Thank you so much! I feel so empowered!

-- Pennsylvania

decorated 12 inch elk drum from Thunder

12" Decorated Elk Drum

With All Accessories

TVD Photo (left) of the drum on Bob's workbench ready for packing and mailing to this precious healer.


The drum arrived today, it's beautiful and the sound is so lovely. Thank you so much for the care you put into it. 


A'ho and namaste. --Pennsylvania

12" Decorated Elk Drum

With All Accessories

TVD Photo (right) of the drum on Bob's workbench ready for packing and mailing to a wonderful customer.


Dear Bob,

I received the drum and necklace today. They are both so beautiful. Thank you!


With deep gratitude,


decorated elk drum from Thunder Valley D

12" Elk Drum

With Custom Drumstick

Hi Bob!

I just have received the beautiful drum and beater. They are perfect for me!! The beautiful beater Is so soft 💜Thank you so much for helping me be confident in the drum choice 🙏it was much easier with your help!!!

Aho and Namaste.

-- Kentucky

12" Elk Drum With Custom Drumstick

Bob !!! I just now got my drum this minute!!!! It’s absolutely beautiful! We are getting to know each other right now ! I’m going to send a picture soon, we had a wild storm last night and all I could think was I hoped my drum was safe because she hadn’t been delivered till now.. 😬but she’s fine! I love the beater u decorated for me! I twisted the lightening wood on the back but may try to attach to the leather decorations ties I’ll put on so I can see it !!! Thank u soo much ! I’ll be back in touch soon ! Namaste.

-- Pennsylvania

12" Horsehide Drum With Custom Drumstick

Thank you Bob! The drum arrived in good condition and I have been getting a good feel for it. It is awesome and I like the authenticity of it and the care you put into it! I will let you know how it goes. And yes feel free to share photos of the drum on your site as you please. Thank you for the muslin bag as well. And also, I was wondering out of curiosity if you had any idea whether or not the stick that you made the mallet out of was from a fire cherry tree? I took a botany class in college and it appeared as though it might be, just from my recollection. I pray that you may continue on your spiritual journey and in your purpose on Earth.

--New York

12" Horsehide Drum With Custom Drumstick

Hi Bob,
I just wanted to let u know I received my drum and used it for the first time today I absolutely love It as much as love my first drum!
So now I have one when I journey at home And one at work where at the end of my sessions I drum n clients r luving it.
I do massage n energy work which now includes drumming..... perfect!!!
Thank you so much for the beautiful work u do making these drums!
-- Maine


holistic teacher with her deep frame drum.jpg

12" Decorated Deep Frame Elk Drum With All Accessories



I had to wait a little bit for the picture but I am really

enjoying the drum. I can’t wait to play with it tomorrow

night’s full moon.  

Thanks again for all of your guidance and help!

Have a great weekend and stay well.

Namaste.  --Texas










12" Decorated Horsehide Drum With All Accessories

And Shaman Necklace


Hello Bob,

I have received my drum!!! I love it :-) I'm very happy.

It has the most amazing sound and I'm feeling very connected to it (I did some free-styling with it - song and dance throughout my house when I first opened it - the resonance is amazing). I've meditated with it the last two days and find it extremely energising. So much that I find I have to ground myself with obsidian because I feel like I might take flight!

I'm also receiving an unexpected experience from the necklace. I run very 'hot' and it keeps me cool. In fact it's always so cool. The days are 42 deg C here (about 108 your scale) so it's really noticeable. I like that the lightning wood is shaped like a pencil because lately I feel compelled to do some creative writing.

Last night before bed, I was in a hypnogogic state and found myself on the back of my horse. He glowed bright purple and we were travelling at lightning speed. Although, I don't know where. I feel I may be on the verge of a new adventure!

I'll have a photo taken on the weekend and send it through. Will keep in touch.

Warmest regards. --Australia


12" Deer Budget Drum

With Custom Drumstick

Hi Bob,


    My package arrived today!  Thank you so  much!  I love it, I’ve been holding & hugging my drum, it sings & vibrates! I love the mallet too, the vibrant colors of the yarn against the dark, rich, deep color of the bark, I think a cherry tree branch.  Thank you for the smudge herbs, the emerald chips & Lightening Wood on copper, I will let my drum get acclimated & then weave it into it when it’s ready.

    I have smudged, caressed, & spoke with my drum, welcoming it into my home & life,  I told it we are going to have a wondrous adventure together in this life.  We will play, dance, & pray together in honor of God, & life, sending love out into the circle. We will heal & heal others as each friend reaches out in need for someone to pray for them.    

  I then lightly played it & wow it is a beautiful, magnificent & living creation. It has its own voice & vibration.  I whispered & asked if it was ready to meet a few members of my family.  I introduced my drum to my animals, my dog Mia, my two cats Buddy & Gypsy.  I played it gently for them to hear, Mia greatly appreciates it, she was resting on the bed while I gently played it, she was listening with perked ears to each sound & when I stopped,  she reached out her paw for me to play more, then she started to drift to sleep.  Both my boy cats Buddy & Gypsy were already snoozing & each only slightly opened a lazy eye in acknowledgement.  


I introduced my drum to my mom, she’s so thrilled over it, that she wants one of her own.  I’m thinking I will give her time to study & listen to the different drums & then get her one of her choosing for an early birthday present. Today  mom explored your website & likes the sound 10 inch deer at the moment, I’ll give her time to contemplate which one she connects with best.  I will introduce my drum to my dad once it has gotten more comfortable in its new surroundings.  He’s more down to earth, he appreciates & accepts my own spiritual nature & my mom’s too. Naturally he’s good a grounding agent. 

 I will also introduce my drum to my teenage nephews when it’s ready to meet them.  Ryan 15, Jason 12, they will appreciate it & will like learning about it.  


    Thank you & God Bless you.

--West Virginia


Thunder Valley Drums customer with drum

Deep Frame Drum w/ Custom Drumstick


Hi Bob,


I promised to send some photos and follow up. Since it has been Jessica playing the drum at the single shamanic journey event and during practice, it makes more sense to get a picture as she has bonded with the drum. She really has a great feel and gets a rhythm going that does just work so well. Feel free to use the pictures I shared from our event.


We took your advice and burned the smudge and held a a welcoming ceremony for the drum. We really enjoy this so much.


Please do send more information on your online course and any other in person course you may be hosting. 


Thanks again for this amazing drum. We love it.


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