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NOTE FROM BOB: I have tested various automated comment apps but have not been satisfied. They all seem to want certain information from you before you can write your comment. So I'm sticking with the tried and true method. By the time you feel ready to comment, we will have already exchanged emails about making your drum the way you want it. So, if like, you can drop me an email comment about your drum or other product once you've received it and I'll post it for you in its appropriate product space on the site. Your photos are welcomed, too!


Of course, I will review all comments before posting them. And, don't worry, I will post whatever you write, even negative comments, so long as it's respectful of language and decorum. 

You can find comments people have sent earlier by tapping / clicking any button below or on specific product pages.

Many thanks!


customer with her shaman drum

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customer with her 12-inch shaman drum painted
Get to Know Customers On The TVD Blog
(ABOVE) This is Kim and Houdini (her 12" Hummingbird-type drum). Read her comments and learn more about Houdini in two posts (1 & 2) on the TVD Blog.
(LEFT) Here is a happy Pennsylvanian with her beloved Thunder Drum. Read her comments here on the site.
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