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PLEASE NOTE: Bob will contact you after purchase to discuss your preferences for decorations colors and materials. If he doesn't hear back from you in 10 days, he will be happy to decorate your items in the colors and materials of his choice.

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Customer Email Comments About Budget Drums

12" Cowhide Budget Drum w. Custom Drumstick


Bob it's arrived!!

I logged in to usps to track it, I saw it was out for delivery, and it arrived to my house literally 3 minutes later!

It's beautiful, thankyou :) I love the colours used on the drumstick too. What type of wood is the stick? It smells amazing!

Thanks again. --New Zealand



Hey, (name withheld for privacy)!

Delighted to know the drum and drumstick arrived and that you are loving them!

Not sure the wood type of the drumstick as I choose what I think is the best one for a drum and customer from a wide variety I previously gathered in the woods. The scent you detect is probably "bear root", an herb that I store in the same container as the drumsticks. It is yummy!

Drum on, my friend, and thanks again for choosing Thunder Valley Drums. You have been a delight to work with! A healer through and through.

Aho & Namaste,


12" Cowhide Budget Drum w/ Custom Drumstick


Kia ora again Bob,

I have it! What a wonderful addition to the family. I love the drum, thank you.  

It may be sometime before it leaves the house and accompanies me to work as I enjoy having it in the house so much and am drawn to explore. I have embarked on a journey.


Once again I want to thank you.


Warmly -- New Zealand


ELK 12" Budget Drum w/ Mallet

(Note: soon to have more in stock!)


Two Emails from the Same Wonderful Customer:

Hello again Bob. I received my new drum and am delighted with the sound and didn't actually charge me for the beater did you? (Bob replied with an email, not shown.)

This little drum is amazing. The sound is very permeating. Well built...nice going Bob. You better stick around because when I save enough $ I want a large one to drum in the woods.


I am in the process of making a beater. I'm just not sure how hard the business end can be. I don't want to damage the Elk skin with a hard plastic ball. Do you think I am safe if I cover the ball with buck skin and drum medium soft? (Bob replied with an email, not shown.)


Thank you and I would feel honored to call you Friend.  --Maryland


12" Blue Budget Drum (Last one ever!)


My drum arrived today and it's Perfect!  It sounds amazing and I would definitely like to commission you to make a beater to match it.  Just let me know how to go about doing this.

Thanks again!  --Kentucky

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