15" All-Natural Handmade Drums

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Includes Beautiful, Top Quality Drums

From U.S. Drum Makers

Options Include Plain Or Decorated

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decorated thunder drum from thunder vall

Important Note About Painted Drums

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not be able to offer

painted drums until further notice. Many thanks for your patience and understanding.


Recent Reviews



My drum arrived today, and I'm just absolutely thrilled with what I am seeing. The colors on the drumstick are beautiful, and closer to what colors i normally go with. It was difficult to say to go with specific colors for me, and honestly your choice was more correct then my words!


I'm very giddy about this journey with this drum, and will write more in awhile once I've gotten more familiar with this new partner. I just wanted to let you know the colors chosen were better then I could have decided. Thank you for that. Water blues, green, purple and silver were more appropriate given some of the spirits I work with. -- Kentucky

Bob's Reply:

Hello, (Name withheld for privacy),

I am so very happy to know that you love your drum and are bonding so closely with it. More surprises and discoveries await!


And thank you for your compliments, too. I did feel pretty confident that you would like the colors!


Looking forward to your further thoughts. It’s always so exciting and gratifying for me when people share their feelings about joining with their drums for spiritual growth and exploration. Changing the world for the better, one beat at a time!


Ever grateful,


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decorated thunder drum from thunder vall

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Hey, Bob... 


The drum/drumstick arrived today... wow! It is a beautiful piece and has some real PUNCH! Gorgeous sound... so rich!  Thank you!  --Florida