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Shaman Training with Bob & Diana

Your Quest...

...find the Authentic You..

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Shaman Training
with Bob & Diana

An honored path to the
discovery of your authentic self

Please Note:

Online, From The Heart

The current Advanced Shaman Training Course is now being taught online! New online classes for beginners are under development and are no longer taught in person until the Covid-19 virus is no longer a threat in the U.S.

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About The Course

Take a look at the world. Think it could use some help? Think YOU could use some help? (Please check Calendar for current class schedule.)

Well, consider walking a spiritual path of shamanism, the world's first — and still the best — method for effecting positive, self-empowering change. You can do it, just like the wonderful people shown here who completed the course in the past.

Haven't you felt it? That invisible yet real pull in your heart, that yearning to grow, to discover, to improve? And perhaps to at last begin to understand your place in the world and to feel good about yourself?


Shamanism is not a religion, it's a way. And it opens your natural instinct to worship life, all of life, beginning with the realization that you are worthy, that you are unique in all of existence, and that you have the power of change inside. From there, you go to work correcting, fine-tuning and otherwise cleansing away old habits and behaviors that no longer serve you. You chip away the crust to discover the shining gem.

The authentic you.


Working with classmates, you help each other hone skills long dormant in your collective DNA, a gift from your ancestors, the healers. They taught how to heal yourself and others through the power of knowing yourself, the authentic you.


Doing this requires work and commitment, of course. But you are up to it because you know it's time to step into your destiny. You would not be reading this otherwise.


Isn't it time to get in touch with that quiet voice inside, the one who knows who you really are? And to then get your feet back on the ground, back on Mother Earth?​

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                You Will Learn...


• to play the sacred drum and rattle
• to make your own medicine bag
• to do your own shamanic journeying
• to help yourself and others spiritually heal using shamanic techniques and ceremonies
• to retrieve power animals for yourself and others
• to perform soul retrieval
• to extract and negate negative energy from others
• to properly smudge yourself, others and your environment, and to learn many other techniques required for your well-being


a shaman student practices smudging in bright sunlight
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Brief Course Outline

We will meet in the sacred circle once a month for five months, in order to allow you time for practice between classes.

Each class will focus on a specific topic and related activities:

First Month:

  • Introduction To The Four P's Plus One for Shamanic Ceremony / Experiential: Journeying

  • Make Your Own Medicine Bag

Second Month:

  • Experiential: Techniques For Diagnosing Spiritual Illness / Sacred Ceremonies for Power Animal Retrieval  

Third Month:

  • Experiential: Spiritual Healing Techniques For Soul Retrieval / Healing At A Distance

Fourth Month:

  • Experiential: Sacred Ceremonies for Extraction, Divination

Fifth Month:

  • Bringing It All Together in Nature (weather permitting)

  • A Shamanic Initiation Ceremony For You

When you have completed the course, you will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment.


Schedule, Location, etc.

We will meet in the healing circle once a month for five months. The first circle will meet at our Healing Center here in Kentucky at a time you and your classmates agree on. From there on, you and classmates determine future dates. This gives you maximum flexibility in scheduling!

Each class will meet an entire day, on a Saturday or Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (with breaks, including lunch).   

Tuition, Class Size, Contact and Registration Deadline


Total cost is $400 if paid in full in advance by check or PayPal, or $425 if you prefer payments, a service available via PayPal only. Cost includes all materials.

A typical payment plan works like this: $85 down payment with registration, then four equal payments of $85 upon the receipt of a PayPal invoice at the first of each month. No interest charges or any other fees will be added on. But please remember that you are committing to paying the total amount due of $425 whether you finish the course or not.

Thus, if you should miss a class, payment for the missed class will be still be due on the date you receive the PayPal invoice. You can make up a missed class in the future, at no extra charge, provided you have already paid for it previously, and thereby be assured of completing the course. However, you will not be able to "graduate" with the class you started with, and will not receive your Certificate until you complete the course.

Reduced rates are available for college students and others who may be facing particularly challenging financial concerns. Please contact Bob to see if you qualify.

Once you are enrolled in a class, refunds are limited to 50% of your total payments to date, should you withdraw from the class before it begins.

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A Final Thought From Bob & Diana


It will be our honor to serve you.


Shamanism is a journey of awakening which simply begins by remembering who you are and then embracing your authentic self. Others helped us do it, and we now pass this along to you. It is the shaman's way.  

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