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Like its sister (Lightning Necklace 3) such a beautiful necklace with a stunning cabochon pendant doesn't need much description. Its beauty surpasses words.


Solar Quartz Druzy is formed from clear quartz stalactite, and its intricate patterns are often color enhanced, like the cabochon pendant featured here. The power of quartz is well known, but its association within tree wood struck by lightning is not. That is why this necklace is of spiritual value in the shamanic sense. (You can learn more about Lightning Wood with Bob's free eBook and article on this page.)


You don't have to hold any interest in shamanism though to appreciate this special necklace. Like its sister it has a unique energy all its own, which everyone can appreciate.


  • 21-inch length (Matinee style)
  • Various copper and beautifully frosted glass beads with two Lightning Wood Crosspieces and two Native American style copper jingle cones.
  • Sumptuous deep purple and teal suede leather lacing.
  • Colors in the necklace are slightly more subdued and blended than shown in this high contrast photo.
  • Want to send this as a gift? It's easy! Simply email Bob with the name and the U.S. shipping address of the recipient and he'll send it!

Lightning Necklace 20

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  • To a shaman, the all-natural materials of the Wild Gaia Collection offer beautiful spiritual qualities as an added benefit to the original beauty and uniqueness of the necklaces themselves.

    Briefly, this necklace:

    • Colored crystals would not normally be shamanically associated with "chakras," although neoshamans would probably rely on describing them thus. Looking at this stone in the necklace, it's easy to see why. It shouts vibrant chakra colors from every facet. Old school shamanism would regard it slightly differently, with a recognition of the stone's inherent healing energy, and of the potential to direct that energy toward soothing various malfunctioning power centers in the body, or toward illness. In essence, this is a stone of profound calmness and purity, the nurturing qualities so essential to healing potential.
    • The deep purple and teal lacing in the piece, much more deeply hued and complementary than shown in the photos, enhance the stone's mystical vibe.
    • Copper, as Bob has explained in detail elsewhere on the site, is the perfect conductor of spiritual energy and deflector of interfering energy when used in healing ceremony. Its use in shamanism dates back to the original discovery of the precious metal, and has always been favored by Siberian healers (believed by many experts to be the birthplace of shamanic practice).
    • Lightning Wood ignites ceremonies in all facets. Read more about Lightning Wood with Bob's free articles and eBook on this page (link).

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