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Important Note About Painted Drums

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not be able to offer

painted drums until further notice. Many thanks for your patience and understanding.


Customer Comments

a 20 inch decorated shamanic drum 500 w.
20 inch elk drum w custom drumstick 500.

Bob, received the drum today, WOW!  This is absolutely beautiful!  I haven't had much of a chance yet to play it much but I plan on doing that this weekend for sure!  Thank you so much for the beautiful work here and the way it was all put together just blew my mind.  My wife was making lots of comments about how big of a smile I had on my face when I was opening it.  I love all the extra's and the decoration, it is simply a beautifully put together package. Any tips or suggestions for the drum welcoming ceremony I will be doing this weekend? --Illinois


(Bob's reply: You can check this page, Item 2, for suggested drum welcoming tips).


Note: You can also see photos of this drum (left) in action with its owner. Click here to see them on the blog.

Bob: I am in receipt of the drum, and I'm very pleased.  It has a marvelous tone and we get on very well.  I'm looking forward to many hours of happy drumming.


Ahimsa. --Missouri


Hey Bob, the drum arrived today.  I love it.  💚


Thank you so much! 🙏


I blessed it more and spent some quality time around a fire with it at the exact moment of the equinox.  🔥🌀


Beautiful, thank you again and take care. --Mississippi


Received the drum today! It's wonderful, thank you. So happy with it!  -- Georgia

​(Left: Customer's 20-inch Elk Drum with Bob's custom drumstick. TVD photo)

Hello, Bob,

I received the drum and I’m just blown away.  Thank you very much for your work. It is truly a wonder and I look forward to working with the healing frequencies it provides. My first sit with the drum went straight to the heart.  Many many thanks. I would love to host a link to your site on our Green Heart Healings webpage that will be launched in about a week if that’s ok with you.  

Green Heart Healings intends to be a collective of seekers, shepherding one another along the path of self knowing, self acceptance, inner peace, and outward service.  Together we can build bridges between our inner and outer worlds through the sharing of Ancient & Modern modalities of healing and self exploration, shared community knowledge, experience, and continued support, with a dedicated commitment to safe and responsible practices by all facilitators in your service.  Share your knowledge, spread your medicine, follow your Green Heart. We Vibrate Higher Here 💚

Love wishes and power
-- Texas

Hello Bob!

The drum arrived today (24 August). I love it! Such a gorgeous deep sound with such lovely overtones! The beater is most excellent, and the pouch of herbs. :) Thank you so much.


Query 1: is the drum accepting of mineral staining a buckskin shirt or something? I work with a lot of mineral colors on other surfaces so I'm wondering. Query 2: I have hide treatment that I use on my bodhran. What is your recommendation for care of the drum skin. :)


(Bob's Reply):


So happy to know you have connected with that soulful drum! And thank you for your compliments. It's easy to see that both of us love drums!


I would probably advise against staining. I do not like to use anything that penetrates the hide once it's on a drum frame, fearing it could soften the hide. An exception would be to clean a nasty stain, as from something spilled on the drum, with a damp cloth and a tad of gentle soap. I outline this in my suggestions for drum care (


I definitely advise against using anything with oil in it -- could permanently ruin a perfectly good hide. Likewise, and not knowing the chemical content of the bodhran treatment formula you mention, I would stay away from it. I prefer to use a wee bit of shea butter to shine up a drum and for routine skin care-- by gently working it (a tiny amount goes a long way!) around the top and sides then briskly wiping it a lot with a soft cotton cloth (a worn out t-shirt is best!).


Hope this helps. Thanks again for your kindness and for granting me the honor of providing a drum to you.


Aho & Namaste, Bob

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