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"This Lightning Drum Dances with the Whirlwind."

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The Origins of the Resistance Drum

And Its Mission As Pathfinder, Illuminator, Defender


The Resistance Drum was conceived of Spirit, Lightning Beings and Thunderers. Sound – Light – Creator Essence.  

These living energies flow through and around the drum, as its frame contains countless crystals fused from microscopic sand particles at the moment a blinding and searing lightning bolt struck the cherry tree that would later birth the Resistance Drum. The drum’s emerald heart (actual emerald chips embedded into the frame) focuses these spiritual energies to guide and protect a shaman traversing the perilous path of service on behalf of one or more who suffer. Its mission is pathfinder, illuminator, defender. It was birthed from light to resist the darkness.


The drum stand is a worthy and strong energetic ally for the drum. It is made of lightning-struck cedar, a wood long recognized in many indigenous communities as holding powerful protective spirits connected with the ancestors.

In ceremony, the adept healer will seek union with All That Is by deploying the drum's voice and energy to aid in transmuting imbalance and removing impediments in a patient’s body and soul. This is the joining of shaman and drum, two hearts becoming one and surrounded by powerful spirits and ancestral energies.

If you are growing in your shamanic service, perhaps now is the time to call on the Resistance Drum ally to journey with you into the dark whirlwind, there to defend and serve the illumined heart of all of life.

Learn more about this medicine warrior drum with the descriptions, photos and videos below. And even more by downloading the PDF file shown above.

Aho & Namaste,

Connect With The Drum's Spirit

Listen as Bob explains the spiritual nature of the wonderful Resistance Lightning Drum.

Bob's Insights into the Resistance Drum - by Shaman Bob

Music, "Against All Odds" courtesy of

See the "Shaman's Path" (Video)


The Resistance Drum's Features

The Drum & Drum Stand


  • Made from a carefully preserved cross section of a Kentucky cherry tree struck by lightning many years ago. This is only the second cherry Lightning Drum that Bob has made in over a decade.

  • Specially finished all natural rawhide drum head.

  • Measurements (drum is oval / heart-shaped): 11-inches maximum length, 10-inches maximum width, about 3-inches vertical and nearly two-inches thick.

  • With stand, about 12 1/2-inches high and at the widest point (the reach of the struts that holds the drum) about 17 1/4-inches.

Drum Stand:

  • The drum stand is made from a lightning-struck cedar tree painstakingly restored then finished with bee's wax and flax seed oil. In all, it represents the World Tree and contains a meticulously inlaid copper spiral around the trunk that symbolizes the "Shaman's Path". (See short video above.)


  • At least 24-feet of exquisitely dyed suede lacing surrounds the drum.


  • The Resistance Drum's birthmark is comprised of a smooth, round copper tiara that surrounds the drum and ends as a copper Peace Sign. 


  • The color palette is comprised of orange, teal (sea breeze) and copper, though our camera sometimes shows the teal as blue.

  • Hand-cut cherry wood lightning bolt honors the Lightning Beings' spirits and energies contained within the drum.

  • Glass and clay beads, some topped with faceted copper beads on soft suede lacing grace the cardinal directions. Two dyed feathers honoring Mother and Father flank the Peace Sign.

  • A nameplate bearing Bob's signature of authenticity is embedded inside the frame and protects several emerald chips, the drum's heart, beneath it.

  • You can start a slideshow review of larger Resistance Drum images by clicking / tapping any photo below.


Heart to Heart With The Resistance Drum

DESKTOP: Click any image to start the show and to read some insider information

about the Resistance Drum's birth. CELL or DEVICE: Click images one at a time. Allow load time for HD images.


The ally Resistance Drum. (Please note that we could not calibrate our camera to accurately capture certain colors and hues with the lightning we used. Thus, the drum head's color, which is a bit darker with coloration varying between cream and hued gold, more varigated and with natural blotches are not accurately displayed. Also, colors in the lacing which appear blue are more of a beautiful teal. We are reshooting the drum and will replace the images above soon.)

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Shamanic Drum Sacred Lightning
Shamanic Drum Sacred Lightning

Amid a plethora of other select ornaments, lacing and decorations, Bob's hand-cut likeness of a lightning bolt honors the Lightning Beings' spirits and energies contained in the drum. Made from lightning-struck cherry wood and finished with bee's wax and oil.

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Rawhide and Drumstick
Rawhide and Drumstick

The Resistance Drum's specially finished rawhide drum head reveals the all- natural coloration of a warrior's drum, blemishes and imperfections included. (We could not properly calibrate our camera to reveal true colors in these photos, so please note that the drum head is a bit more darker and the blue on the drumstick and lacing is more of a teal.) The drumstick is lightweight and quite sturdy.

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The Finished Shaman Drumstand
The Finished Shaman Drumstand

The drum stand also features cedar struts on top and bottom to hold and support the Resistance Drum.

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Inlaid Copper Shamans Path
Inlaid Copper Shamans Path

The copper spiral inlaid into the Resistance Drum's drum stand winds its way around the lightning-struck cedar center post.

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Full Palette for the Shaman's Drum
Full Palette for the Shaman's Drum

All of the special accouterments, including some rare beads, and ornaments await Bob's careful placement on the Resistance Drum.

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The Peace Sign
The Peace Sign

Bob had to brush up on his soldering skills before making the copper Peace Sign birthmark for the Resistance Drum.

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The Resistance Drum's Birthmark
The Resistance Drum's Birthmark

Copper plays an essential role in ever