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I'm still working on a new drum at the moment, so please check back soon, I hope in early 2024.

Thank you so much for your visit today and for your support over these many years!

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lightning rider drum


Lightning Rider Drum

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"This Lightning Drum Dances with the Whirlwind."

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Includes a handmade drum stand, drumstick &
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"RESISTANCE" Lightning Drum a shamanic drum

The Origins of the Resistance Drum

And Its Mission As Pathfinder, Illuminator, Defender


The Resistance Drum was conceived of Spirit, Lightning Beings and Thunderers. Sound – Light – Creator Essence.  

These living energies flow through and around the drum, as its frame contains countless crystals fused from microscopic sand particles at the moment a blinding and searing lightning bolt struck the cherry tree that would later birth the Resistance Drum. The drum’s emerald heart (actual emerald chips embedded into the frame) focuses these spiritual energies to guide and protect a shaman traversing the perilous path of service on behalf of one or more who suffer. Its mission is pathfinder, illuminator, defender. It was birthed from light to resist the darkness.


The drum stand is a worthy and strong energetic ally for the drum. It is made of lightning-struck cedar, a wood long recognized in many indigenous communities as holding powerful protective spirits connected with the ancestors.

In ceremony, the adept healer will seek union with All That Is by deploying the drum's voice and energy to aid in transmuting imbalance and removing impediments in a patient’s body and soul. This is the joining of shaman and drum, two hearts becoming one and surrounded by powerful spirits and ancestral energies.

If you are growing in your shamanic service, perhaps now is the time to call on the Resistance Drum ally to journey with you into the dark whirlwind, there to defend and serve the illumined heart of all of life.

Learn more about this medicine warrior drum with the descriptions, photos and videos below. And even more by downloading the PDF file shown above.

Aho & Namaste,

Connect With The Drum's Spirit

Listen as Bob explains the spiritual nature of the wonderful Resistance Lightning Drum.

Bob's Insights into the Resistance Drum - by Shaman Bob

Music, "Against All Odds" courtesy of

See the "Shaman's Path" (Video)