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Links In The Circle

Art is not a thing; it is a WAY." 
--Elbert Hubbard 

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Bob Note: The Circle is strengthened by those who honor the Way with their own hearts, talents and intentions. And in this case, here are links to some wonderful people who are helping make our world better. They have a WAY of turning art into HEALING, or their very lives are examples of the ART of helping others to HEAL. I am honored to be in the circle with these great people. Visit their sites and you will know what I mean. 


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Pat Sheveland, Certified Mentor Coach
Her Site

It's not always easy to find a trusting confidant, particularly one who is certified to mentor and coach you. But Pat is a sterling example of one who can fill the bill! She's also a registered nurse, so you know that you are in the company of a competent and caring healer. Plus, she has a great sense of humor! Check her out!

The Crystal Skull Whisperers
Their Site

My wonderful friend, Marjorie, and the other Founders of this New Jersey (USA) healing group have contributed uniquely synergistic and holistic approaches to energy work. They have incorporated a number of modalities into their effort to be of service to All of Life, and you can find a wealth of information archived on the site.

Big City Indians And Wolfsheart, A Power Groove Band
Their Site

Quite by accident I heard this wonderful group playing great Native American music-- and then learned they're from Austria! They call it "power groove," and it is very popular with European audiences. The band's leader, Wolfsheart, has been quite supportive of my work and other interests, so I gladly offer a reciprocal link to the band's exciting site and music. They have won several Native American Music Awards for their many albums, and the honors are stacking up around the globe from others who admire this group's synergy. So put on your power-groove shoes and get those feet a tappin'!


photo of pat sheveland
a crystal cluste
big city indians band members
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