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Beautiful 10-Inch All-Natural Drums

Includes Beautiful, Top Quality Drums From
U.S. Master Drum Makers

Choose Plain or Decorated
SEE "OPTIONS FOR YOUR DRUM" below for more info

Shaman Bob will make your custom drumstick and personally decorate your drum after conferring with you about your preferences for colors and materials.

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LEFT: 10" Elk Drum decorated with customer's chosen colors.

Aho, Bob,

Just a quick note to let you know I got my beautiful drum yesterday eve.  It came just in time.  Thank you so very much. 


Tomorrow morn is my ancestors and healing class.  I love my drum!  I held it for awhile yesterday and comforted it from the long journey.  It is sweet, talkative. 


I did not have time to do anything other than wrap it in a blanket.  I will do a welcoming ceremony this weekend.

Much aloha to you and Aho...  --Hawaii

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