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Prayer & Meditation Sticks

a colorfied prayer stick


Holding them near or contemplating them on your altar, these Prayer / Meditation Sticks are made from sacred Lilac Wood and adorned with natural beads, spirit feathers and other Gaia goodness to join in service with you during prayer and meditation practices. (Learn more by reading the short essay noted in the shaded box below.)


Also features special shamanic insight and guidance by Bob for each Prayer Stick on its own page when you choose it from the list.

                  Handmade by Shaman Bob

a cu of stone and feathers on prayer stick

Read Shaman Bob's Short Overview of
Prayer Sticks and How to Use Them

Click this image to read online or download.

Start Here To Learn More
smudge and ties

Each Prayer Stick comes with smudge pouch (photo) and at least one prayer tie, a gift from Bob.

Sorry, but due to the pandemic we cannot accept returns of these items.

Rising costs have necessitated a $15 postage/special packing surcharge which has been added to the total you see.

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