• All Natural Beautifully Tanned ELK Rawhide Drum Head
  • Suede Leather-Wrapped Handle on Bottom
  • Includes Custom Drumstick by Bob, (see photos, either colorful bunched yarn or suede leather handle, please choose when ordering)
  • Lightweight 1 7/8-inch Wide Frame (1" less than Bob's 2 7/8" wide frame for 12" drum, but still a good frame)
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Now Offered in Decorated or Painted Options, see separate listings
  • Be Sure to Listen to This Drum on the "Hear All Drums" Tab, Above (Main Menu)
  • Being A Natural Product, Each Drum Will Vary In Appearance

ELK 12" Drum w/Custom Drumstick

  • 12" Elk Drum Description:


    This is one great drum! It features an all-natural Elkhide drumhead for beauty and a bit deeper tone (as opposed to deerhide drums of this size). And it is as strong as they come. 


    Plus! It comes with one of Bob's custom-made drumsticks (choose handle decoration option of bunched yarn or suede lace when ordering).


    Good quality, these drums are produced right here in America. You will find these drums to have sturdy laminated frames and strong inner lacing to assure durability.

"The Mother & Father of Life love drums so much they give us all a heartbeat."

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