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  • This Drum Can Be Exported Around The World
  • Horsehide Drum, Very Strong
  • Surprising Low Price for a Quality Drum
  • Suede Leather-Wrapped Handle on Back of Drum
  • Includes Bob's Custom Drumstick, and features a leather head-piece and either bunched yarn or suede lace around the handle
  • Lightweight 1 7/8-inch Wide Frame (1" less than Bob's 2 7/8" wide frame for 12" drum, but still a good frame)
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Now Offered with Decorated Options, see separate listing.
  • Be Sure to Listen to This Drum on the "Hear All Drums" Tab, Above (Main Menu)--coming soon!
  • Being A Natural Product, Each Drum Head Will Vary In Appearance

12" Horsehide Drum w/ Custom Drumstick

  • The beautiful 12-inch Horsehide Drum is strong and lightweight, for sure. And even with nominal care, it will last indefinitely. But that doesn't mean it can withstand abusive use or neglect, as Bob outlines on the "How To Care For Your Precious Drum" page. Respectful treatment will make this sacred drum an honored partner for life.

    The laminated frame is equally strong and durable, and you can play it for hours on end. Quality counts!

    Additional Thoughts (Please read, this is equally important):

    1. It is key to note that a 12" drum is considered small. It is a mere one inch wider than a standard sheet of paper is long (11"). So, to get an idea of its size, simply look at a sheet of paper and imagine it one inch longer.

    This is a great drum due to its size, makes it so easy and portable. It is lightweight, which allows you to hold it in playing position for a long time without tiring. But its size dictates its voice, so don't expect a big booming sound from this drum. Trust me, it will project its voice perfectly for its size.

    2. All natural drums are made from the hides of animals. In the sacred traditions of shamans, it is said the animals present themselves to provide sustenance and to aid humans with food, clothing and spiritual growth. In return, humans provide their own bodies back to the Earth Mother to continue the Great Wheel of Life across multiple generations of lifeforms.

    3. Because these drums include animal hides, you may notice a scar, scratch or other imperfection in your drum. These imperfections do not affect the sound of a drum, else I would not use them. These marks are the results of the animal's life experience in the wild. When you think about it, we all carry scars of one sort or another, inside or outside in our own life experiences. The point is that we should respect and honor the animals for what they give to us. Their own last full measure was gifted to us to aid our development and wisdom. Natural drums are among the greatest of teachers because of this.

    Aho & Namaste,



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