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12" Regular Frame Blue Jeans Drum

Note for all International Customers including Canada and Mexico: Sorry but this drum cannot be exported to you.


Express your creative voice and your healer's heart with this custom made 12" Elk Drum. Featuring pretty cut-off jeans and a Buddhist-inspired silk scarf sash, this is a medicine drum with a twist.  (Read "Bob's Insights" below for more.)



  • 12" Hoop / Hand Drum with prime elkhide drumhead.
  • 1 7/8" regular frame is sturdy and very lightweight.
  • Decorations include the unhemmed beltline from an authentic pair of  jeans, wooden, copper and acrylic beads, luscious suede lacing, copper accents, and an auspicious Budhhist prayer sash with symbols.
  • Drumstick also covered with denim, suede leather and lacing.
  • Hear the Blue Jeans Drum on the "Hear All Drums" page, listed as 12" Elk Drum Sound File.
  • Includes complementary pouches containing Lightning-Struck cherry wood and emerald chips on copper wire to attach to the drum if you choose. It is a shamanic implement of good medicine. The second pouch contains smudging herbs you use in a welcoming ceremony for the drum.
  • Subsequent drums will appear with a similar blue jeans motif, but decorations and colors will vary. 
  • A unique and sturdy drum stand can be purchased separately here.
  • You can learn more about the importance of Lightning Wood in shamanic ceremonies with free articles and an eBook on this page.
  • Cannot be exported.


Please note: Bob occasionally makes a Jeans Drum like this one, but chooses differing fabrics and decorations for each one. Thus, this is the only drum like it in the world, nearly impossible to duplicate.


Want a Jeans Drum with your decorations / or larger size / or whatever is distinct for you? Bob can also make a Jeans Drum for you to your specifications for size and decorations. If interested, please contact him for more information via email. Prices will vary.

12" Regular Frame Blue Jeans Drum

  • The world has had a love affair with blue jeans for over 100 years as the versatile go-to staple for day-to-day casual as well as rough-and-tumble use in school, play or work-- and even as wedding attire! Now, finally, they have come to a drum with the same spirit!


    Express yourself!


    This is a beautiful drum inside and out, another great option available when you are shopping for a drum. This one has a top quality Elk drum head and beautiful decorations.


    Not everyone wants just another drum, particularly if you are on a spiritual path or in need of a reliable instrument for your work or for drum circles... or anywhere else you wish to express yourself. You've come a long way in search of personal freedom and unfettered expression. May as well have a drum that's up to the job no matter where you are. Perhaps this is the drum for you, the one that says "Live Free!"


     (You can check "Caring For Your Beloved Drum" on the dropdown tab under the Drum Buying Guide for more information and to share even more love with your drum partner.)

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