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About Prayer Sticks: If you’ve thought of further empowering your shamanic or other practice, like meditation, you may want to consider adding this Traditional Prayer Stick.  For a great overview of Prayer Sticks, Bob has provided a pdf file that you can read online or download from the shaded box at the top of the main prayer stick page, "Spirit Prayer Sticks, Divine Partners." Click here to read it.



Traditional Prayer Stick made from Lilac Wood, plush suede lacing, copper beads and a special Lightning Bead to hold a beautiful feather.


View video (above) for close-up details.


Physical Description:

  • Lilac Wood Carving, about 5/8-inch diameter (varies), and 10 1/2-inches long with the smoothest finish you have ever felt
  • Plush and beautiful braided suede lacing
  • Wood bead and a Lightning bead flanked by copper beads


  • 6 Photos and 1 Video (see thumbnails list below main photo above)



Please note: Increasing business and shipping costs have necessitated a $15 extra charge for packaging/handling/shipping to assure delivery of your prayer stick in pristine condition. This has been added to the price shown.



Free Gift From Bob! You will also receive a gift from Bob comprised of a small pouch of loose smudge and a prayer tie, see photo samples.

Traditional Prayer Stick

  • The Traditional Prayer Stick, the Axis Mundi


    Rendered in familiar muted hues and with a single feather, this Traditional Prayer Stick may well be recognized in many tribal circles for its subtle yet profound intention of serving as the axis mundi, a joined column or center point passing through and linking all worlds and all existence.


    Cueing into the axis mundi during certain prayer ceremonies is one method shamans can employ to journey to all these realms. In meditation, one could clear the mind by saying or chanting a brief prayer while simply touching the Traditional Prayer Stick’s extraordinarily smooth surface and allowing the feather to lift awareness to the non-linear All That Is.


    Feathers lift prayers too, to Spirit.


    Typically, shamans and other prayer supplicants make wooden prayer sticks from various species of bushes and trees, usually preferring a variety considered sacred to a particular task in a particular tribal area or region. This particular prayer stick offers physical characteristics unlike most of its predecessors, so while it remains a strong and capable means of opening pathways like traditional prayer sticks, you may find its differences to be helpful and illuminating.  


    The main body is made from Lilac Wood, very unusual for a Prayer Stick. Lilac's medicine touches all human's senses and inherently holds these energies. To sit beneath a blooming lilac bush in a spring breeze is to experience the breath-taking ecstasy of existence. Its stems, profuse with leaves and large clumps of blossoms tune the breeze into song while intoxicating you with a heavenly sweet scent. The plant has offered healing medications and oils for centuries.


    In short, Lilac is a Bringer of Joy. And the Traditional Prayer Stick is the subtle media to help share it in beautiful communion.


    Aho & Namaste,


    (For important information on how to activate prayer sticks, their purposes and more, please read “Spirit Prayer Sticks, Divine Partners” on the main prayer stick page here.)



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