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New Lightning Drum!

"And when I breathed,

my breath was  lightning."

                                --Black Elk

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Ride the Light

Ride the Light

Lightning Rider Drum

Ride The Light

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Inside the Frame: Nameplate signed by Bob and mounted over the Lightning Rider's heart space, which contains small embedded emerald chips.

Be sure to listen as Bob shares insights about the Lightning Rider Drum, located under the Media heading below.

Like all of its kindred Lightning Drums, the Lightning Rider is imbued with mystery. It has secrets and gifts to share. You can see many of them, but some you cannot, at least with your physical eyes. You will need to experience them instead, by riding the light. And then you will see... in a different way.


The Cherokee refer to this as "chante ishta," seeing with the eye of the heart, that moment when you break through the veil of the ordinary to behold the Greater Reality of existence, that place of spiritual helpers, healing and visioning. For sure, it takes hard work to earn such sight, for there are no shortcuts available to the seeker of Truth who must first subsume the ego and put aside the self.

The Lightning Rider earned the gift the hard way. It lost all the moment a searing bolt of lightning turned a once living tree into an inanimate and scarred hulk of wood. But in the destruction came creation of something new, a shamanic healer's medicine drum, transformed by lightning, reborn to sound the thunder.

Are you ready to ride the light? Let the Lightning Rider show you how, and then you will see with your heart that this companion is as sacred and alive as you or I.

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." --Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Closeups of a few Lightning Rider Decorations:

Photo Above: The Lightning Rider Drum's totem animal. Below: The Great Wheel of Life symbolically depicted around the drum with reverence for the Four Sacred Directions.

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The Lightning Rider Video & Voice

Accessories / Decorations:

Drum Stand:

  • Exclusively designed and made by Bob from reclaimed 100-year-old cedar farm posts.

  • 16 ½” square when open

  • Legs fold closed at bottom to about 3" square.

  • Height: 13 ¾”

  • Drum Pad (where drum rests on top of stand): 13” square

  • Decorations include four bright tassels affixed with rings over select artisan-made pottery beads. (Extra replacement beads included.)

  • Handmade Copper Lightning Bolt affixed to top crossbar.

  • Hand finished with bees wax and natural oil.