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Cannot be exported to Canada, Mexico or any International destination.


Perhaps in your mind the most important thing about a sacred drum is its sound, perhaps even the deepest sound. This 20-inch Elk Drum has it! Hear it now on the Hear All Drums tab.



  • Amazingly deep and full voice from the first-ever 20" Elk Drum offered by Thunder Valley Drums. Now available with decorated options, see separate listings.
  • Frame made of thick laminated maple, measures 20" across and 3" deep.
  • Elk drum head is from the finest rawhide available.
  • Suede leather wrapping around handle on bottom of drum is soothing to the hand.
  • Comes with a custom drumstick by Bob in your choice of colors (to be arranged at the time Bob contacts you about your purchase). Includes a suede leather top and either a bunched yarn or leather-wrapped handle.
  • Free bag of smudging herbs and a lightning-struck wood piece with emerald chips on copper wire included.
  • American made.
  • Learn more with Bob's Insights in right column.
  • Cannot be exported.



Elk 20" Drum w/ Custom Drumstick

  • Well, you'll see the word "amazing" in the description for this drum, and sure enough, its sound is amazing, very deep and resonant. Several customers have requested such a drum, so I've found one that fills the bill!


    You will never have to strike this beautiful ally drum with force, for its hearty voice will let loose with even a light tap from your finger! In fact, you'll often see sacred drummers play their drums with the side of one of their thumbs or straight on with fingers and thumb. But just in case you want to project the drum's power, I will make a wonderful drumstick for you in the colors of your choice. (You can decide on colors after I initially contact you about the purchase.)


    There is one important thing to remember about such a powerful and quality-filled drum. Power comes with a requirement of heft. So while the drum will fill the air with its husky voice, you may begin to notice its weight (approx. three pounds) after playing it a while, due to its thick frame and hefty drum head.


    I truly appreciate your visit to the site today, and will be honored to send you the drum you desire.


    Aho & Namaste,


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