• All Natural & Tough Cowhide Drum Head, color will vary
  • Suede Leather-Wrapped Handle on bottom
  • Includes Custom Drumstick made by Bob with soft suede on the headpiece and either suede or bunched yarn on the handle. Your choice of colors.
  • Hefty 2 7/8-inch Wide Frame 
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Now Offered in Decorated or Painted Options (see separate listings)
  • Be Sure to Listen to This Drum on the "Hear All Drums" Tab, Above (Main Menu)
  • Being A Natural Product, Each Drum Will Vary In Appearance And Voice
  • Can be exported anywhere in the world

15" Cowhide Drum w/ Custom Drumstick

  • 15" Cowhide Drum Description:


    This is a fantastic drum! Cowhide is one of the toughest hides you can get, thick, strong, rugged. That alone gives this drum a heftier voice than others and accentuates a deep rumbling note.


    It also adds more weight, as this drum can approach 2 1/2 pounds. Keep this in mind if you intend to play it for extended periods.


    All of this, including a Custom Drumstick from Bob, equates to a quality drum that can really take a beating! It may cost a bit more, but it's worth it.


    These drums are produced right here in America by master drum makers. You will find these drums to have sturdy laminated frames, strong inner lacing and smooth lines.


    Can be exported anywhere in the world.