The Untamed Heart Drum

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A Lightning Drum

Photo Siberian Times

Photo, Siberian Times.

For The Restless One

The Untamed Heart Lightning Drum bespeaks your nature, calls to the free spirit inside, beckons that inner healer. You have sensed this, felt it in your depths, yearned for it in your dreams. Connection. Expression.


Live Free!

Step forward, Seeker.

Free The Wild Wings

Of Your Heart's Desire


Top Photo: A shamanka (female shaman) and shamans with decorated drums dance around a sacred fire  in their traditional garb during a modern day ceremony in Siberia. Many believe the ancient practice of shamanism originated in this region of Northern Asia.


The uNtamed Heart Drum


Includes drum, drumstick &

drum stand

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With special thanks for the music! “Willow and the Light,”  Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License




  • Handmade from a Lightning-Struck cherry tree in Kentucky

  • Measurements:

    • Approx. 10-inch diameter, irregular shape (trees seldom grow in perfect circles)

    • Frame approx 1-inch thick

  • Weight about 2 pounds

  • Rawhide drum head and lacing

  • Finished with beeswax and natural oil

  • Includes original drumstick by Bob



  • Height 17-inches, Width 13 1/2-inches

  • Weight about 2 pounds



  • Handmade and finished by Bob from a recycled 100-year-old cedar fence post and other materials. Rubbed with beeswax and natural oil. Signed pottery smudge bowl from Ceramic Ibarra in La Paz, Mexico. Two domestic feathers wrapped in sari cloth complete the stand.





  • Four Mayan spirit dolls (from Guatemala)

  • Raw Sari cloth from India

  • Lightning wood beads (by Bob) with glass, clay and copper accent beads from Africa & America

  • Several feet of suede deer lacing

  • Lightning pendant by Bob

  • Emerald chips embedded in frame constitute the drum’s heart

  • Nameplate signed by Bob

  • A copper infinity symbol at the terminal point of the drum's tiara denotes the beautiful nature of dynamic, eternal existence from which springs the Great Outpouring of life.

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Sacred Hoop Magazine

siberian drums from sacred hoop magazine

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