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You can see the incredible beauty and variety of Lightning Sticks in the photos above. They were made for healers whose preferences are reflected in the various colors and styles. Bob would be honored to make one for you. 



  • Solid Cherry or Maple Lightning Stick (from lightning-struck trees)
  • Approx. 14 to 20-inches long (varies)
  • Suede Wrap With Deer Lacing (colors vary according to availability and suitability)
  • Embedded Copper & Genuine Raw Emerald
  • Wooden, Custom Glass, Artisan and Copper Beads
  • Read More In "Bob's Insights" in the right-hand column
  • FREE U.S. Shipping
  • Bob will consult with you via email to co-design your stick
  • Please allow 4 - 6 weeks

Bob's Lightning Sticks

  • The mystical power of lightning, as illuminator, destroyer and creator is deeply significant in my practice of shamanism. That is obvious as one reads the information on this site.  

    So there are many lightning tools I use in my own practice which are supplied by nature.  I call into service Lightning Drums, Lightning Jewelry and several other helpers. Any one of those is not more important than another, but the two I rely on most include the drum  and what I call the “Lightning Stick.”

    As with all such shamanic tools, it is intention which powers such an instrument, just as one finds with crystals and many other instruments used for spiritual goodness. Thus, I do not claim that this aid can do anything by itself or in untrained hands. So, it is up to your proficiency and intentions to employ it as a spiritual helper.

    My personal preference is cherry, since its russet color and reddish berries are associated with fire, just like lightning, in the shamanic way of thinking. Fire medicine is powerful, indeed, and includes aspects of transmutation, as in transmuting suffering and illness into wellness. (Here, the word “medicine” is used in the shamanic sense, and not in the pharmaceutical / allopathic sense.) It is spirit medicine.


    In a nutshell, here is the concept: When lightning strikes a tree, billions of microscopic sand particles within the tree are fused as crystals. Science has proven that the nature of crystalline structures coheres with energy and can be "tuned" to select frequencies. If your great-grandfather's lifespan occurred during the early 1900s, he was certainly familiar with the principles, for he and his generation operated the world's first radios. Their favorite name for them was "crystal sets." The crystals inside the radio could be tuned by twisting a dial to cohere with incoming frequencies from a radio station. The same thing happens in the shamanic ways with a Lightning Stick, except it is your intentions which dial it in to the ultimate frequency transmitter, Spirit. 


    And as with so many great spiritual truths, this power is paradoxically hidden in the most common and humble appearance.

    A mere stick.

    If this should interest you, I would encourage you to download the free eBook and find out more.

    Aho & Namaste,



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