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An intricately beautiful Glenn Lewis hand-painted gourd rattle named Wolf Spirit Rattle

  • Length: 9-inches, about 14-inches with decorations; 12-inch circumference
  • Bob cut and sewed the suede sleeve for the handle
  • Microsuede lacing accent
  • Lightning Wood bead and Copper beads
  • Three Wolf images painted around the rattle


Learn more by watching the above video and/or by reading "Bob's Observations" in the column at right.


Sold only in America.


About This Limited Edition Collection:


This is the second quartet of handmade, hand-painted rattles offered for this exclusive limited collection. Others will be added in the future.


(Also learn more by watching the video on this page and/or by reading "Bob's Observations" in the column at right.)



It didn't require much convincing when retired artist Glenn Lewis was presented with the opportunity to "un-retire" so he could paint a limited number of sacred gourd rattles. "I thought I had painted on about every possible medium available to me during the past 65-plus years," he said, "from countless canvases to huge murals, and on glass, brick, stucco, metal, wood, drywall, hundreds of Bob's special drums and more, but never on a sacred gourd rattle. I was honored and especially excited for an opportunity to interpret and express my deep appreciation of Spirit animals and the deeply moving language, sometimes encoded, that is transmitted by such meaningful beings and spiritual symbols."


Each of the rattles in this Collection is unique, a one-of-a-kind, impossible to duplicate. Each is beautifully shaped as it was when picked from the garden. Each is hand-painted by artist Glenn Lewis, and Bob decorates each too. This goes deeper than shape, paint or decoration however.


These rattles have their very own voices that result from the separation of the original seedpods within their very shells. Thus, the more one shakes a gourd like this, the more seeds separate and the more varied becomes the rattle's voice. Now that's one-of-a-kind for certain!

Wolf Spirit Rattle

  • Friend and artist Glenn Lewis captures the calm, purposeful presence of the Wolf (in three different poses) on this rattle. You can feel the easy determination with each footstep as this wonderful spirit animal finds her way. That is her power and why she is often thought of as the Path Finder, bravely moving forward. Fear holds no challenge for her. If you hear her call, you know you have found a companion to aide in your own exploration of this beautiful world.


    I would recommend that all people, women and men, read an excellent book, "Women Who Run With the Wolves," by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés to discover the broad context for why and how most cultures embrace the essence of Wolf power in countless ways.


    Should you connect with the Wolf Spirit Rattle, you will find a willing partner to help find or make a path forward, for Wolf is also an honored and trusty teacher, a trait you may already share with her.


    Aho & Namaste,


  • This rattle can only be sold in America. A special $20 shipping charge has already been added to the price shown. This allows for the expense of wrapping, double boxing, packing and thus protecting this sacred rattle while in transit to U.S. customers.

    We do not have special boxes for shipping this rattle, so it will be secured in suitable boxes that may show one or another company logo or other identifying information on it. This does not mean that the company whose logo or other identifying information appearing on a box is an endorsement of or otherwise an acknowledgement of the box's contents. The Thunder Valley Drums name will appear on the shipping label however.


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