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The only rattle in this exclusive collection not made from a gourd but rather from sacred Lilac wood, the Lilac Spirit Rattle.

  • Made and decorated by Bob.
  • Length: 10-inches, about 20-inches with decorations; 4-inches wide, 4 1/2-inches circumference
  • Decorations:
    • Lightning Wood and Copper beads
    • Microsuede and suede lacing handle
  • Also see the new Lilac Prayer Sticks Collection here


Sold only in America.


About This Limited Edition Collection:


This is the second quartet of handmade, hand-painted rattles offered for this exclusive limited collection. Others will be added in the future.


(Also learn more by watching the video on this page and/or by reading "Bob's Observations" in the column at right.)




Lilac Spirit Rattle

$95.00 Regular Price
$76.00Sale Price
  • The Lilac Spirit Rattle is in one way separate from the others in this collection because its genesis was a beautiful, fragrant lilac bush instead of a bountiful gourd patch. It is kin nonetheless because of a shared spiritual purpose and ability to provide voice to prayer, song, meditation and ceremony.


    The Lilac Spirit’s voice does not compete with the other rattles’ here  because it is meant more to serve as a very personal companion for you . Its diminutive sound --comprised of a few remnants of Kentucky creek stones and sand plus a  few emerald chips-- does not overwhelm the mind, will not interfere with your voice or thoughts, does not require a lot of energy to play. Rather, the voice soothes, blends with the background, implores the senses to relax and simply…be, even in ceremony with another person.


    Being small does not equate to being weak though. The Lightning Wood bead and copper clutch bead provide requsite energy when necessary for spiritual illumination, rejuvenation and restoration in ceremony, as I have extensively written about elsewhere on the site and relating to my own practice. You can easily perceive these things if you watch and listen to the video about the Lilac Spirit Rattle on this page. It whispers the spirit of life.


    Aho & Namaste,



  • This rattle can only be sold in America.

    We do not have special boxes for shipping this rattle, so it will be secured in suitable boxes that may show one or another company logo or other identifying information on it. This does not mean that the company whose logo or other identifying information appearing on a box is an endorsement of or otherwise an acknowledgement of the box's contents. The Thunder Valley Drums name will appear on the shipping label however.


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