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What's Included In Kit:​

  • A bottle gourd scrubbed on the outside (you will need to drill holes in it to clean out the inside and to place a handle in it), averaging about 5 to 6 1/2-inches tall
  • 3-feet of deer lacing, more than enough for your project. (Lacing color chosen from available stock.)
  • A cross piece to help hold in the handle.
  • A wooden "handle," which is a real tree limb/branch. Circumference will vary. Length may vary a bit, too, but will be long enough for the stick to go up to the top of the gourd once inserted, and allow 5 to 6-inches to protrude from the bottom, which acts as the actual handle.
  • A small piece of LIGHTNING-STRUCK wood, a must-have for any rattle!
  • A short length of copper wire to hold a few emerald chips, an absolute necessity for this rattle. Emerald chips are included.
  • Bonus! Free eBook by Bob on how to make this rattle. (Also available for $2.99 as a separate eBook listing if you already have the materials.)

DIY Shaman Rattle Kit w/ eBook

  • Check the blog or the comments section (since the site is new, it may be a while before comments start appearing) and you'll be able to see various rattles people have made for themselves with this kit. I've always said it-- There's nothing like making your own shamanic tools. The items will have your energy, your heart and your intentions infused directly into them when you make them from the start.


    You can do this!

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