Answer: Bob's interpretation of two Celtic Ogham symbols which he believes reflect the Thunder Valley Drums motto: Live Free

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Craftsmanship takes time to produce the perfect drum for you

Bob.  WOW!!!!!

I have no proper words for our new drums. (We) are stunned. I knew they would be nice but they're beyond beautiful. God bless you and the artist for the work you do. I really don't know what to say. I will include you both in my meditation and prayers every day. I mean that. God bless, Aho and Namaste.
– John in New Jersey (Purchased a Thunder Drum & Hummingbird Drum)

There is nothing like making your own gourd rattle. Comes with a free illustrated eBook by Shaman Bob that contains easy-to-follow instructions. You can do it!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the drums' popularity, Bob is now working on a delay of about three weeks before he can make your drum. If you wish to have your drum painted, please expect a delay of at least four weeks. We are hoping to resolve the delay as soon as possible, and will post progress here. Many thanks. --Bob 

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     Welcome to Thunder Valley Drums, the only place in the World where you can find lightning-struck shamanic drums, hoop drums, powwow drums, 


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Thunder Valley Drums FACTOID!

wands and other exclusive spiritual objects for your sacred quest. I make everything shown on this site unless noted otherwise, so sometimes it takes me a few weeks to make your item.     

      I express my heart in other ways, too.

      I also offer shamanic services and classes here at my shop in Kentucky, some of which are available via phone or Skype, too.

      Also, please note that I handle your order personally, and I would love to speak with you or exchange emails before you buy something so that you have just the right sacred item you seek.

     When it comes to obtaining something sacred, perhaps it is best to reflect, allow and manifest. Give it a try, and you may find that here, you are an honored friend and seeker, not a mere consumer. Unplug from the corporate culture and find the respect you deserve.

     It is the shaman's way.

Aho and Namaste,



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drums FOR shamanism, drum circles, meditation, Reiki, Alt Healers and for all people who love to drum!

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​​Featuring an elegantly simple cleansing ceremony with a meditation for spiritual protection, and a second meditation for re-connecting with Spirit. These instant-download recordings can also be implemented in a few seconds to bolster your sagging mood and to dramatically increase your self confidence. Music by Anahata.

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​​​​1.  I personally custom-make your hoop drum in the sacred ways of the ancestors and invite you to energetically collaborate with its birth if you desire.

2. Only the best leathers, frames and other natural materials assure your drum will last and keep its value.

3.  Decorated Hoop Drum Option! Sumptuous leathers, fancy yarns, traditional beads, custom painted. 

4.  Exclusive Lightning Drums are from lightning-struck trees, the only drums like these in the world.

5.  Powerful, unique Powwow Drums for 4-6 drummers.

5.  Free Stuff! Empowerment Kit comes with Decorated versions, smudging herbs with every drum. 

Thank you for stopping by!  How may I serve you today? --Bob

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(Many Options Available)

DIY Gourd Rattle Kit With Free "How To" eBook