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Welcome to Thunder Valley Drums!

Handmade Drums & Spirit Tools by Shaman Bob & Friends

Best Drums For Shamanism, Meditation, Therapy, Alt Health Work, Drum Circles and... Drum Lovers!

The Ultimate Shamanic Drum

Lightning Rider Drum

Most Popular & Economical! Four Sizes

decorated thunder drum

For Group Drumming

brother thunder powwow drum
sample drumstick
Need Help To Find The
Best Drum for You?

12" Elk Drum

Plain or Decorated

Starts at $185

holistic teacher practices her drumming
recent Thunder Valley Drums 12 inch drum

TVD's Most Popular 12" Drum
Offers the Deepest Voice In Its Class!

The Call of the WILD!
BIG Booming Voice, DEEP Vibe

The BIG 20" Elk Drum BIG!

20 inch elk drum w custom drumstick

Plain or Decorated

Starts at $245

Natural Goodness From Mother Earth

lightning necklace 25

Precious New Necklaces and Exquisite Hand-Painted Gourd Rattles from Bob's Workshop
The Necklaces: From understated to colorfully expressive, these all-natural necklaces join rare stones, copper, amber and lightning wood in marvelous combinations of Mother
Earth's goodness.

The Rattles: Shaman Bob and once-retired artist Glenn Lewis team up to bring you a limited collection of Exquisite Gourd Rattles. Perfect as gifts or for your own use.
More Coming Soon!

Hummingbird Rattle
lotus illustration
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Exclusive Collection


Precious Lilac Wood
Prayer & Meditation Sticks




Handmade by Shaman Bob

Discover new pathways to transcendent joy, abundance
and union with Spirit

Shaman Bob from Thunder Valley Drums
decorated shamans drum from Thunder Valley Drums

Handmade by Bob
And Friends

Old-fashioned, yes.


Like, STONE AGE old-fashioned. 


Hi, I'm Bob, the owner of Thunder Valley Drums. I teach shamanism and make drums, jewelry and other spiritual helpers by hand using similar techniques and sacred preparations trusted by humanity's ancestors for tens of thousands of years. I also fashion a few drums a year from lightning-struck trees, which contain vital energy for healing ceremonies. You'll only find such rare instruments here, as many spiritual healers worldwide have discovered.

A few other master drum-maker friends also make some of the drums you'll see here. We are all dedicated to high quality drums for you.

Importantly, and to assure your satisfaction, I will email you following your order to discuss your preferences and to make sure your drum will live up to your expectations.

It's old-fashioned, yes. But timeless too. From a heart full of Love in a seeker just like you.


photo sequence of how to make a hoop drum

360-Degree Drum  View...

   Need help choosing the the right drum for you? Check the Drum Buying Guide.

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TVD News: New Lightning Drum On The Way!

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Lightning Necklace 6

People & Drums Go Together!
Slideshow of Some Wonderful Customers and Their New Thunder Valley Drums

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