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Shaman Bob from Thunder Valley Drums
decorated shamans drum from Thunder Valley Drums

Handmade by Bob

Old-fashioned, yes.


Like, STONE AGE old-fashioned. 


Hi, I'm Bob, the owner of Thunder Valley Drums. I teach shamanism and make drums by hand using similar techniques and sacred preparations trusted by humanity's ancestors for tens of thousands of years. I also fashion a few drums a year from lightning-struck trees, which contain vital energy for healing ceremonies. You'll only find such rare instruments here, as many healers worldwide have discovered.

A few other master drum-maker friends also make some of the drums you'll see here. We are all dedicated to high quality drums for you.

Importantly, and to assure your satisfaction, I will email you following your order to discuss your preferences and to make sure your drum will live up to your expectations.

It's old-fashioned, yes. But timeless too. From a heart full of Love in a seeker just like you.


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