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From Peru, a Double-Sided Eight-inch Square Handrum. Fair Trade item. With Beater. Only $44

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Welcome To
Thunder Valley Drums

Hand Made From The Heart

Thank you for visiting the only site in the world to offer drums containing lightning-struck wood for shamanic use, drum circles, healing ceremony, meditation, Reiki healing, and for all people who love to drum! Handcrafted for you from my heart. 

Beginning with these all-natural gifts from Mother Earth, I rely on ceremony and great care to fashion everything here for your sacred journey.

Spirit does the rest.



I've been redesigning this site and hope to unveil it September 15. I hope you'll stop by to visit! And I sure would appreciate your suggestions for how to improve it.

Aho & Namaste,

Great News!

Thunder Valley Drums Lightning Drum

I am honored to present the new Lightning Sprite lightning drum for you! I absolutely love its voice and the clarity it brings to ceremony. It has a beautiful tiara around it made of alpaca and sheep's wool with lovely leather lacing and copper beads. The drumstick has matching accents. And it all sits atop a very neat and pretty drum stand, too. Just wait 'til you see and hear it in action in the video!

While I'm upgrading this site, I ask that you visit the sister site (Shaman Drums And More) to learn more about this fabulous drum. You can click the photo, too, to visit the site.

Thank you for visiting, my friend.

Aho & Namaste,

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