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Lightning-Struck Drums Only From Thunder Valley DrumsLightning-

Hoop Drums Only From Thunder Valley Drums

Pow-Wow Drums Only From Thunder Valley Drums
Pow-Wow Drums

Shamanic Drum Stands
Shaman Drums Stands Only From Thunder Valley Drums

Calendar of Classes & Activities
Calendar for Classes & Other Activities at Thunder Valley Drums

Special Announcement!

We did it!

We have moved to a new location, complete with a drum shop, a healing room and class space. To schedule an appointment, a class, or just to pop in for a visit, please email me. We would love to see you!

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Read the BIG news about a BIG drum, and other cool stuff on the blog.

Shaman Training
Class Notes:

New Winter 2015 Advanced Class, First Circle, Meets 10 a.m. Feb. 22

Late Summer 2014 Advanced Class, Fourth Circle,
Meets 10 a.m. TBD

New Beginner Class Forming Now

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About Lightning-Struck Drums

Selected Passages From An Article: “The Call To Be Shaman” By David Kowalewski

“Encounters with lightning or ball lightning is often important. In Mongolia and many other places, seeing a lightning-struck tree fall front of you, having a recurrent dream of lightning, and surviving a lightning strike are all seen as spirit calls, and drums from trees struck by lightning are the most powerful.

“Among the Salish people of North Western America a spirit manifesting as lightning may come in a dream, and in South America Inca shamans are sometimes called by lightning and communicate with the spirits through it.

“The god Thor in Norse mythology wields a hammer and is associated with lightning bolts and in Haitian Vodou, lightning—struck stumps are said to become homes for spirits to live in.

“Experiences with ball lightning are especially intriguing. Some shamans see it acting with apparent intelligence in front of their eyes, or exploding right over their dwelling… There is at least one account of an Inuit shaman getting his power after being struck by what he described as ‘a ball of fire’...”

With Permission From
 Sacred Hoop Magazine,

Issue 84, 2014
Link www.sacredhoop.org

  Shaman Bob's Smudging Supplies: Herbs, Smudge Sticks &
Sweetgrass Braids

Click the image to connect with some sacred herb helpers.

Budget Minded?

Try This Cute
Little Smudge Kit:

Abalone Shell
Wooden Stand
3-inch White Sage Stick

Only $8.99
(Click Image To Purchase)

Smudge Kit

Shaman Power Tools from Thunder Valley Drums
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Shamanic Wands From Thunder Valley DrumsHigh

Lightning Sticks From Thunder Valley Drums
Powerful Lightning Sticks

Lilac Jewelry from Thunder Valley Drums
Lightning & Spirit Jewelry

Gourd Rattle Kit only from Thunder Valley Drums
Shaman-Crafting Kits

Sacred Ceremony Items from Thunder Valley DrumsShamanic Ceremony

Spirit Shields From Thunder Valley Drums
Sacred Spirit Shields

Shaman Bob's Books
How-To Articles And "Shamancrafting" Worksheets
Shaman Bob's Books, How-To Articles

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Welcome To Thunder Valley Drums

Personal Service Is My
Sacred Vow To You.

The medicine drum is a small healing circle in itself. When played with your beautiful intentions and grace, though, the circle expands to the infinite.

Thank you for visiting!

Aho & Namaste,

Here's A Hint About An Upcoming

Where Will These Buffaloes Roam?
Buffaloes Roaming

Find Out On Bob's Blog!

Also on the blog, an invitation to meet with me at the annual Winter Healing Festival. Click Here for the details.


TVD Nameplate
FIVE New Lightning-Struck Drums Are On The Way For 2015!

The first one will be born January 1st— a beautiful New Year's Baby!
(That's its nameplate, above)

Please watch this space for more birth announcements.

The Eagle Drum
(Click Image to See & Hear This Wonderful Drum)

New The Eagle Drum from Thunder Valley Drums

Two Years In Th
e Making, These Rare Lightning-Struck Drums Offer A Lifetime of Service Ahead For Your Sacred Path

Helpful Video:
How to buy your perfect TVD Drum in under three minutes!

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Shamanic Services
In Person Or Via Phone / Skype
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Personal Consultation With Bob From Thunder Valley Drums
The Shaman On Call Service Is Now Available WORLDWIDE Via Skype!
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