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The Resistance Drum, A Lightning Drum that dances with the Whirlwind

A body of cherry hardwood, a heart of emerald and a crystalline soul unite in The Resistance Drum to serve as a powerful drum ally in ceremony. Learn more on its Information Page here.


Includes a handmade drum stand, drumstick & a lifetime of love

The Drum & Drum Stand:

  •     Made from a carefully preserved cross section of a Kentucky cherry tree struck by lightning many years ago. This is only the second cherry Lightning Drum that Bob has made in over a decade.


  •     Specially finished rawhide drum head reveals the all natural mottled coloration of a warrior's drum. (Please note that we could not calibrate our camera to accurately capture certain colors and hues with the lightning we used. Thus, the drum head's color, which is a bit darker with coloration varying between cream and hued gold, more varigated and with natural blotches are not accurately displayed. Also, colors in the lacing which appear blue are more of a beautiful teal. We are reshooting the drum and will replace the images above soon.)


  •     Measurements (drum is oval / heart-shaped): 11-inches maximum length, 10-inches maximum width, about 3-inches vertical and nearly two-inches thick.


  •     With stand, about 13-inches high and at the widest point (the reach of the struts that holds the drum) about 17-inches.


  •     The drum stand is made from a lightning-struck cedar tree painstakingly restored then finished with bee's wax and flax seed oil. In all, it represents the World Tree.


  •     Spiraling around the World Tree is an inlaid copper coil symbolizing the "Shaman's Path," which the shaman must climb to attain union with Spirit.


  •     At least 24-feet of exquisitely dyed suede lacing surrounds the drum and drum stand.


  •     The Resistance Drum's birthmark is a copper tiara holding a Peace Sign made by Bob.


  •     Rich beads of clay, glass and faceted copper are suspended by lacing in each sacred direction and other significant directions vital to the expression of benevolent resistance to and eventual victory over illness and darkness through the power of Loving Light.


  • A handmade bolt of cherry wood honors the Lightning Beings whose spirits and energies are contained within the Resistance Drum and are available for assistance during ceremony.

You can view more photos of all of these and more elements here. See videos, many more photos, and listen to an audio of Shaman Bob providing insights into the spiritual nature of this extraordinary drum.

The Resistance Shaman Drum

  • Learn more about The Resistance Drum direct from Bob! Hear his audio insights here.

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