The Untamed Heart Drum:

  • Handmade from a Lightning-Struck cherry tree in Kentucky
  • Measurements:
    • Approx. 10-inches in diameter, irregular shape (trees seldom grow in perfect circles)
    • Frame approx 1-inch thick
  • Weight about 2 pounds
  • Rawhide drum head and lacing
  • Finished with beeswax and natural oil
  • Includes original sari-wrapped drumstick by Bob


Decorations Include:

  • Four Mayan spirit dolls (from Guatemala)
  • Raw Sari cloth from India
  • Lightning wood beads (by Bob) with glass, clay and copper accent beads from Africa & America
  • Several feet of suede deer lacing
  • Lightning pendant by Bob
  • Signed pottery bowl believed from Ceramic Ibarra in La Paz, Mexico (see photo above) and sari-wrapped feathers accompanies the Drum Stand
  • Emerald chips embedded in frame constitute the drum’s heart
  • Nameplate signed by Bob
  • Copper infinity symbol

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Untamed Heart Lightning Drum

  • Find a wealth of information, including Bob's commentary, on the "Untamed Heart Lightning Drum" page here.

  • Measurements:

    Height 17-inches, Width 13 1/2-inches

    Weight about 2 pounds


    Handmade and finished by Bob from a recycled 100-year-old cedar fence post and other materials. Rubbed with beeswax and natural oil. Two domestic goose feathers wrapped in sari cloth complete the stand.

Handmade From The Heart

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