As with so many things in this world, the eyes can be deceived into believing something small or simple exists without much consequence. This Wild Gaia necklace is an antidote for such misperception.


Its pendant is representative of the entirety of Mother Earth's circumstance. There is wearing away then rebirth and renewal. This diminutive piece is sea brick, perhaps the remaining part of a large building brick once made along the New England coast and inland waterways here in the U.S. a hundred or so years ago. The old factories closed and some of the bricks eventually tumbled into the waterways, were broken by currents, smashed against submerged obstructions and thrashed by relentless storm-tossed waves to be washed ashore with the sea tide decades later.


Think that's inconsequential? Perhaps. But it reveals an important spiritual principle. Nothing of physical existence lasts forever. The Appalachian Mountains have stretched like a spine down through almost the entirety of the U.S. east coast. Experts say those mountains have been here... four times! Here, then gone, then reappearing. Four times. They are here again for the fourth time, but are wearing down, just as before.


It's a basic truth.


So the brick, broken yet smoothed by its encounters with existence, is a survivor of sorts, and carries that stubborn energy of hope and resilience , as well as the spirits of both Earth and Sea. There is wisdom to be gained from it.


And when coupled with Lightning Wood and copper accents, what was thought to be of little consequence suddenly becomes an important ally to a shaman, and otherwise a pretty pendant on a necklace for the ages.


  • 26-inches (varies between Matinee and Opera lengths)
  • Sea Brick, about 1 3/4-inches x 1 1/4", chunky
  • Lightning Wood crosspiece is rubbed with bees wax and oil
  • 100% Vegan Tightly-Woven Black Cotton Cord
  • Colors in the necklace are slightly more subdued and blended than shown in this high contrast photo.
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Lightning Necklace 19 Vegan

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  • To a shaman, the all-natural materials of the Wild Gaia Collection offer beautiful spiritual qualities as an added benefit to the original beauty and uniqueness of the necklaces themselves.


    Briefly, this necklace:

    Would be right at home in shamanic ceremony.


    Materials Shamanic Properties:

    • Sea Brick, as explained in the description, carries the energy and spirits of a survivor, the sea and the Earth, powerful properties to rely on in ceremony.
    • Copper, as Bob has explained in detail elsewhere on the site, is the perfect conductor of spiritual energy and deflector of interfering energy when used in healing ceremony. Its use in shamanism dates back to the original discovery of the precious metal, and has always been favored by Siberian healers (believed by many experts to be the birthplace of shamanic practice).
    • Lightning Wood ignites ceremonies in all facets. Read more about Lightning Wood with Bob's free articles and eBook on this page (link).
    • Our ancestors would be surprised to learn that this durable Vegan Cord is colorfast cotton and not leather!