This 20" necklace combines fluted copper, red and river jasper beads with glass and copper spacers over a Lightning Wood crosspiece. And then the energy doubles! Bob handcut a lightning bolt shape from cherry lightning-struck wood, finished it with a delicate and aromatic natural oil and bees wax mixture, then added a cherry on top-- a bright pink tassel! He wasn't finished though! The perfect ending comes with a pure amber bead suspended at the bottom.


  • 20 inch length
  • Colors in the necklace are slightly more subdued and blended than shown in this high contrast photo.
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Lightning Necklace 1

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  • To a shaman, the all-natural materials of the Wild Gaia Collection offer beautiful spiritual qualities as an added benefit to the original beauty and uniqueness of the necklaces themselves.

    This necklace:

    • Amber dispells negative energy and attracts sweet soothing energy. This naturally encourages self-confidence and endurance.
    • Red Jasper / River Jasper: This perfect duo unites the power of the tribe (family) with the cleansing energy of love and balance. Together these gemstones ignite protection, stability, spiritual healing and purity of the psychic vision.
    • Copper, as Bob has explained in detail elsewhere on the site, is the perfect conductor of spiritual energy and deflector of interfering energy when used in healing ceremony. Its use in shamanism dates back to the original discovery of the precious metal, and has always been favored by Siberian healers (believed by many experts to be the birthplace of shamanic practice).
    • Lightning Wood ignites ceremonies in all facets. Read more about Lightning Wood with Bob's free articles and eBook on this page (link).