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  • One size fits all with the adjustable suede deer thong lacing in choice of colors
  • Handcrafted lightning symbol pendant made from lightning-struck cherry wood with copper beads
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Bob's Handmade Lightning Necklace

Thong Colors Available
  • A tree falls and returns its nutrients to Mother Earth, where new life sprouts. Such is the symbolic and spiritual power of this necklace expression, which carries the message and energy of spiritual healing and renewal. 


    Wear it in healing ceremony or for personal spiritual protection and well-being. When in service to others, you can wear it outside your shirt or blouse, then slip it underneath your garments when you wish to personally recharge and reconnect. It is a worthy partner to wear throughout your day or night.


    I make each then hand rub it with beeswax and oil before placing it in the sacred circle to cleanse and prepare it for you.


    I will add more necklaces from time to time. Just like the drums I make, each piece of jewelry is totally unique, no two pieces are exactly alike. Each is impossible to duplicate because it is made from a real tree struck by lightning. It is a one-of-a-kind ally for a one-of-a-kind seeker and healer like you.


    Aho & Namaste,

Handmade From The Heart

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