Drum Features:

  • Bob calls this "The Thunder Drum." It is a 15-inch Hoop / Hand Drum made by Shaman Bob with a rawhide drum head (elk, cow, horse or deer, depending on availability). Coloration varies.
  • Custom Drumstick by Bob includes leather head and bunched yarn / or leather lace handle.
  • ​Measurement: 2 3/4" x 15" Maple Laminated Wood Frame.
  • This lightweight drum allows you to play effortlessly for very long periods without tiring. Also transports easily.
  • 1/8-Inch Elk Rawhide Lacing on Bottom.
  • Listen to the Thunder Drum on the "Hear All Drums" page.
  • Your Drum is prepared in the old way with ceremonies to assure that you Receive an energetically cleansed and spiritually charged drum.
  • See "Bob's Insights" in the colum at right for more information.
  • Decorated and Basic versions also available, see separate listings.

Bob's 15" Drum w/ Custom Drumstick

  • The largest hoop drum I make, the 15" (diameter) Thunder Drum is big on voice, and yet, you will find it to be quite lightweight. The rawhide drum head is very responsive, and resonates beautifully with the very strong laminated maple frame. In drum circles, the Thunder Drum's deep voice lends texture and prominence to the group, and in sacred ceremony, it resonates deeply within and without, in Earth and Sky, in heart and Spirit.


    The Thunder Drum's form and function is made more pronounced by its ancient lineage from similar drums made since time began. Drums like these (minus, of course, the technology of modern laminating techniques) have been assembled since antiquity in the same way. Honestly, just holding such a drum and examining the lacing has the effect of connecting you with the interweaving nature of life and the ancestral power of the first drums and of the first people who made them as healing helpers. Their knowledge was awesome.


    In that regard, I make all Sacred Shaman Drums in the same way, with respect for those who passed along the knowledge of how and why to make them, as well as for the deep reverence and gratitude necessary to assure the sacred character of the drums. I happily pass this on to you, should you decide to own one of these powerful Thunder Drums.


    You will receive not only a reliable drum, but also a sturdy, decorated drumstick, samples of which you can see throughout the site. You can choose the decoration colors for the stick when Bob contacts you to confirm your order.


    There is no need to strike this drum with power, for its deep voice and strong medicine bring you all the power you need. 


    I would be honored to make one for you now.


    Decorated and Painted versions also available, please see separate listings.

"The Mother & Father of Life love drums so much they give us all a heartbeat."

decorated thunder drum from thunder vall
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