• Bob calls this type of drum a Hummingbird, You can read his thoughts about this beautiful drum in the column at right, "Bob's Insights".
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  • Every Decorated Hummingbird Drum comes with a FREE Shamanic Empowerment Kit! (See details in right column, or photo above.) 
  • This is a 12-inch Hoop / Hand Drum made by Shaman Bob with a rawhide drum head (elk, cow, horse or deer, depending on availability). Drum head color range varies.
  • Measurements: Very deep 2 7/8" x 12" frame provides an excellent voice because it is one-inch deeper than the alternative Elk or Budget 12" Drum (see separate listing elsewhere on the site. Also see photo of frame comparison above). A new Deep Frame Elk Drum is also available.
  • Custom Drumstick by Bob includes suede leather head and bunched yarn or leather lace handle (2 photos above).
  • Other versions of this drum also available, see separate listings.

Bob's 12" Decorated Drum w/ all accessories

  • Rebirth. New Life. Hope. Renewal. 

    I call this type of drum a Hummingbird. This 12-inch drum is a real treasure, just like its namesake. It possesses such WONDERFUL energy and liveliness that every time I worked on the prototype I had the impression of Hummingbird, the beautiful totemic animal associated with high energy and joy. And fierceness! Pound for pound, or rather I should say ounce for ounce, the hummingbird is one of the most fearless warrior birds on the wing, very protective of its family and home.
    The Hummer's mystical qualities are legendary, too, including even the pattern it draws when moving its wings-- in the shape of the sign of infinity (the figure 8). Thus, it's often associated with rebirth, new life, hope and renewal. All in all, this is a dramatic dynamo of energy, protection and even the projection of hope and spiritual healing. What wonderful energy for a drum!

    And, as they say, great things come in small packages. It sounds fantastic! 

    The 12-Inch Hummingbird Drum... a lightweight and superbly crafted ally for your spiritual journey. I would be honored to make one for you now.

    Additional Thoughts (Please read, this is equally important):

    1. It is key to note that a 12" drum is considered small. It is a mere one inch wider than a standard sheet of paper is long (11"). So, to get an idea of its size, simply look at a sheet of paper and imagine it one inch longer.

    This is a great drum because its diminutive size makes it so easy to play and quite portable (it'll fit in a totebag or large purse!). It is lightweight, which allows you to hold it in playing position for a long time without tiring. But its size dictates its voice, so don't expect a big booming sound from this drum. Nonetheless, trust me, it will project its beautiful voice perfectly for its size.

    2. All natural drums are made from the hides of animals. In the sacred traditions of shamans, it is said the animals present themselves to provide sustenance and to aid humans with food, clothing and spiritual growth. In return, humans provide their own bodies back to the Earth Mother to continue the Great Wheel of Life across multiple generations of lifeforms.

    3. Because these drums include animal hides, you may notice a scar, scratch or other imperfection on your drum. These imperfections do not affect the sound of a drum, else I would not use them. These marks are the results of the animal's life experience in the wild. When you think about it, we all carry scars of one sort or another, inside or outside in our own life experiences. The point is that we should respect and honor the animals for what they give to us. Their own last full measure was gifted to us to aid our development and wisdom. Natural drums are among the greatest of teachers because of this.

    Aho & Namaste,

Handmade From The Heart

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