• Bob calls this type of drum a Hummingbird, You can read his thoughts about this beautiful drum in the column at right, "Bob's Insights".
  • This is a 12-inch all around Hoop / Hand Drum with a rawhide drum head (elk, cow, horse or deer, depending on availability). Coloration varies.
  • Listen to it on the "Hear All Drums" page.
  • Every Decorated Hummingbird Drum comes with a FREE Shamanic Empowerment Kit! (See details in right column, or photo above.) 
  • Lightweight laminated maple frame​​​​ that is 1" deeper than the Budget Drum listed separately. The deeper frame affords a deeper and more well-rounded drum voice. (See above photo to compare frame depths.)
  • Custom Drumstick by Bob includes suede leather head and bunched yarn or leather lace handle (2 photos above).
  • Basic and Painted Versions of this drum also available, see separate listings.

Bob's 12" Decorated Drum w/ all accessories

  • Rebirth. New Life. Hope. Renewal.



    I call this a Hummingbird style drum.


    This 12-inch beauty is a real treasure, just like its namesake. It possesses such WONDERFUL energy and liveliness that every time I worked on the prototype I had the impression of Hummingbird, the beautiful totemic animal associated with high energy and joy. And fierceness! Pound for pound, or rather I should say ounce for ounce, the hummingbird is one of the most fearless warrior birds on the wing, very protective of its family and home.
    The Hummer's mystical qualities are legendary, too, including even the pattern it draws when moving its wings-- in the shape of the sign of infinity (the figure 8). Thus, it's often associated with rebirth, new life, hope and renewal. All in all, this is a dramatic dynamo of energy, protection and even the projection of hope and spiritual healing. What wonderful energy for a drum!
    And, as they say, great things come in small packages. It sounds fantastic! 
    The Decorated Version of the Hummingbird Drum is constantly evolving, no two are alike, so the photos are only a guideline for the beautiful drum you can expect to receive! It seems a majority of customers prefer to also have our artist, Mr. Glenn Lewis, paint an exquisite image on the drum for them. You can see examples of his work throughout this site. (See separate listing for details.)
    The 12-Inch Hummingbird Drum... a lightweight and superbly crafted ally for your spiritual journey. I would be honored to make one for you now.

"The Mother & Father of Life love drums so much they give us all a heartbeat."

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