Drum Features:

  • The smallest drum Bob makes, the Firefly (a name Bob gave this style of drum) is lightweight 10-Inch shamanic hoop drum with rawhide drum head (elk, cow, horse or deer, depending on availability). Color varies.
  • As you can see in the above photos and throughout the site of drums made for various customers, your drum can be painted with any image(s) you desire. (See Painting Notes in the right-hand column for more details).
  • ​Perfect to pack for trips or in a backpack.
  • Lightweight laminated maple frame.
  • Rawhide lace ties.
  • Custom drumstick by Bob includes suede leather head and bunched yarn or suede lace handle​
  • Decorations are included
  • Includes a FREE Shamanic Empowerment Kit! (See Free Empowerment Gift information in the right column)
  • Learn more in "Bob's Insights" in the right column.

Bob's 10" Painted Drum w/ All Accessories

  • I call this the Firefly Drum. It's so lightweight it's like holding a firefly in your hand. But when you play it, oh, you will make light! It has a heart of lightning! 


    The smallest drum I make, at 9 3/4-inches across (diameter), the Firefly shares its qualites when you see it and actually hold and play it. Several plies of strong birch wood make this a very sturdy frame, and I add a 1/8-inch deer or elk lacing (depending on availability) to hold down the rawhide drum head.


    This is a great "second drum" to have when you don't want to transport a larger one. Wonderful to have on hand to lend to a friend during a drumming circle, too. AND, it makes a wonderful first drum for a child.


    So, if you're just starting out along the path and don't want to spend a lot before you know whether you will want to proceed, this is a perfect drum. It will last a long time, like all the other drums I make, and will keep its value, should you wish to sell it to someone else. That's the difference that quality makes.


    The Firefly Drum is so well suited for travel, or to carry in a backpack or rucksack for drumming in the wilderness. Yes, its distinctive note is light, nearly playful, but in ceremony or when participating in a sacred drumming circle, this drum is all business, a serious healing ally.

    Tap the Firefly Drum. It is sound become light.
    I would love to make one for you now.

"The Mother & Father of Life love drums so much they give us all a heartbeat."

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