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"Art is not a thing; it is a WAY." 
--Elbert Hubbard 

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                         The Circle is strengthened by those who honor the Way with their own hearts,

                       talents and intentions. And in this case, here are links to some wonderful people who are helping make our world better. They have a WAY of turning art into HEALING, or their very lives are an example of the ART of helping others to HEAL. I am honored to be in the circle with these great people. Visit their sites and you will know what I mean. 

Pat Sheveland, Certified Mentor Coach

It's not always easy to find a trusting confidant, particularly one who is certified to mentor and coach you. But Pat is a sterling example of one who can fill the bill! She's also a registered nurse, so you know that you are in the company of a competent and caring healer. Plus, she has a great sense of humor! Check her out!

Excerpt From
Pat's Site:

My name is Pat Sheveland. I am a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC) and a Registered Nurse. My passion is to provide support and gentle encouragement for those who are ready to make changes as they move through a transition in their life.

    Have you been grieving after the death of a loved one?
    Have you been overwhelmed with caring for a child with special needs?
    Are you at a stage in life wondering, what should be next?

If you have a desire to create a life filled with Purpose, Spirituality and Joy…I WILL HELP YOU.

The Raven Wheel

Jamie is starting up a wonderful site dedicated to the healing power of the sacred Raven. She is now offering the first of what we hope will be a growing line of beautiful and powerful Raven Wheel healing hoops for your personal use. You can learn more and read Jamie's compelling story, too, by visiting the new site. 

Excerpt From Jamie's Site:

"The raven wheel is a sacred holding space for the messages in our heart. Once transcribed, this energy is released from our physical body, transformed into healing energy, light and love, and carried out into the world. Raven directs this energy flow and guides it to its next destination, honoring timing, fate and destiny."

The Crystal Skull Whisperers

My wonderful friend, Marjorie, and the other Founders of this healing group are developing one of the most synergistic and holistic approaches to energy work that I've seen. They are incorporating a number of modalities into an ever-expanding effort of service. You can find a wealth of information about their methods on the site.

Location: New York

Excerpt From Their Site:

"The Crystal Skull Whisperers are a group of Reiki Master/Teachers, Skull Caretakers and Communicators. We offer a Trilogy of Activations and Attunements consisting of The Crystal Skull Activation, The Atlantian Crystal Activation and The Elemental Earth Star Empowerment. We perform Earth Healing Ceremonies and Skull Energy Healings. We also offer a Skull Introduction Workshop. It is our privilege to be the caretakers of over 90 Skulls with a human size JADE Skull being one of these many treasures."

Big City Indians
And Wolfsheart

Their Site

Quite by accident I heard this wonderful group from Austria, of all places, playing great Native American music! They call it "power groove," and it is very popular with European audiences. The band's leader, Wolfsheart, has been quite supportive of my podcast and other interests, so I gladly offer a reciprocal link to the band's exciting site and music. They have won several Native American Music Awards, and the honors are stacking up around the globe from others who admire this group's synergy. Give a listen!

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