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What could possibly convince an individual to undertake the seemingly impossible task of making drums from lightning-struck trees? Excellent question!


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Exceedingly Rare, Warmly Loved.

This is the only place in the world where you can obtain one of these beautiful medicine drums.

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Wind Horse Drum

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But the answer is simple. Spirit. And Love.

Long before I actually made the first lightning-struck drum, I found such intrigue in simply holding lightning-struck wood. It started in childhood on our West Virginia farm and never stopped. To me, holding even the smallest piece of that wood opened a crack into the "great mysterious." I've written a lot about it since then, and you'll find plenty on this site (
here) on the sister site (Shaman Drums And More) or my blog if you care to. I never tire of the subject, or of exploring the greater reality that it invites access to.

Anyway, in addition to the two newest drums shown at the top of the page and that are available for you, here are a few of the many of Lightning Drums I've made over the years. I would need a much larger Website to handle all of the photos...and the memories. But we'll have to settle for this sample for now. For sure, I connect deeply with these spiritual healing helpers, and I can recall nearly every detail of each one when I see a photo of it or recall an experience while working on it.

No, I don't consider them to be my children. They are comrades, brothers and sisters in the epoch yearning that humans feel when expansive and connected to that which is larger than us all. These drums are about expression.

I'm not meaning the kind of expression necessarily when one merely wants to thump on a drum, though. This is the expression of existence that I'm referring to, that deep primordial urge to join with all of life in celebration of simply being. Life is such a wonder! And it comes from expression.

This hardy band of survivors also represent many deep metaphysical principles, which they have shared with me over the years. They teach transformation, for example, when from a tree struck down by lightning they emerge to live once again as heralds of thunderous intention and service. That's because they are shamanic healing drums, what have been called "medicine drums." Their very existence proves that it's possible to rise from the ashes. And when they are in healing ceremony, they mean to effect that principle by helping to comfort and to assuage suffering.

Healers on most every continent in the world are now the caretakers of most of these sacred drums. And on quiet nights in the summer, when I'm sitting alone under a glorious canopy of stars, I hear them from their far-off places, the deep drum voices and rhythms rising, and the veil begins to lift above the sight of a sacred path leading to the Great Mysterious.

Aho & Namaste,

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