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The Drum With The Higher Purpose

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A Note From The New Owner

"Just got home with her, and I have to admit, when I first brought her out of the box, I began to cry. Her spirit is so strong, and she let me know right away how powerful she is, and how happy she is to be with me. 

Oh, my - what a gift, Bob. We have so much work to do together to heal our world. Sending you so much gratitude for your sacred knowing, integrity, and holy skills that brought her to life. 

Blessings -

[ PS: ] Just realized - I feel like I’ve been reunited with a part of myself that had been missing…"  --California

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beautiful custom made drumstick for the Lightning Sprite drum from Thunder Valley Drums
thundr marr (thunder horse) drum
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Bob's Thoughts About The Beautiful Lightning Sprite Lightning Drum

It is so fitting, during my time with this beautiful drum as it was coming into the world, that it saw fit to share its name with me. All of the Lightning Drums and Powwow Drums I've ever made have done that, of course, mostly in dreamtime. I've written about that elsewhere. Most fitting for this one though is its lofty position and a name so perfectly matched to its mission.

A "lightning sprite," according to science, is born high above thunderstorms, more than 50 miles above the Earth. It frequently emits blue-white streamers from its russet-colored top, and can streak miles across the sky, lasting much longer than a typical lightning flash. In the Western world, sprites were theorized first in the 18th century, though it wasn't until the 1980s when one was photographed that scientists began to believe. 
So much for science. It's always late to the party.
Practically every civilization on the planet, which is to say every shamanic culture as they are synonymous and still at the roots of every society today, has recognized lightning and its offspring sprites for thousands of years in one form or another. Just scan this
Wikipedia articleto see the astounding list of gods and associated symbols and lore these peoples used in describing and working with them.

I particularly treasure many Native American perceptions of the Lightning Beings / Thunderers and the Thunderbird as the de facto bringers of life, as well as the Mongol belief in Tatai Tenger and the 77 lords of the North who rustle storms to exhaustion and thereby return balance to the environment (and transmute illness into wellness in sacred ceremony). So what we have here in this drum is both ancient and modern. But above all, it is, like its scientific namesake, a lot of power in a small package. 

To consider it in shamanic terms would be to honor it as a bringer of life (healing) and balance. (Of course it wasn't until the 20th Century that science speculated the possibility of lightning first igniting life on Earth.) It is a healing ally intent on transformation and transmutation, restoring health and balance to those who suffer. In fact, it is a sterling example of the term, itself having been struck by lightning and thus transformed as the amplifier of your healing intentions during shamanic ceremony.



Thunder Valley Drums

Lightning Sprite Drum

The Lightning Sprite Drum is small compared to others. It's a mere nine inches or so across. (Still it is about twice the size of the first drum I used in shamanic ceremony.) But saying this almost makes it seem insignificant. Well, once you hear it, you'll know and begin to understand that such a drum is anything but trifling. Yes, it has a higher note in keeping with its higher purpose, and when you hear it in a drum circle you suddenly realize..."I can hear it" above all of the other drums in the circle, even the big ones. It is being itself.

And when fired with your intention to be of service, this drum is as big as the sky and it soars over the tops of the eagles.

It is a drum with a higher purpose.


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Watch The Video Below!

Drum Features:

  • Made from a crosscut section of a very large limb on a lightning-struck maple tree. (Read the article about the day I brought it home as part of a "Truckload of Lightning")

  • Measurements: About 9-inches across, 28-inch circumference, 4-inches high. Frame varies to 1 1/4-inch thick.

  • Horsehide drumhead

  • Frame hand rubbed with beeswax and oil

  • Decorations include a beautiful tiara made from braided alpaca and sheep's wool with leather lacing, copper and turquoise beads.

  • Inside the frame is the Thunder Valley Drums nameplate that secures several emerald chips embedded deep within the frame, and which also serves as the proof of authenticity, having been hand painted by yours truly.

  • You can see several lightning scars on the bottom of the frame. 

The Lightning Sprite's Drum Stand and Drumstick

  • Drum stand made from recovered barn wood which has been hand-rubbed with beeswax and oil

  • The drumstick is natural wood with prime suede and tied with alpaca and sheep's wool along with leather lacing and copper beads.

In sacred ceremony the Lightning Sprite
soars high above the troubled storm when you join it in igniting a beacon for help, hope and healing. 
Spirit will answer.

lightning sprite drum from thunder valley drums

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