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"Hey, Bob,
I received the package. It's wonderful, more than I imagine. I'm so happy, it's beautiful. I'm speechless and so grateful.Thank you so much. Mr.Lewis did a great job painting the drum. It's beautiful and sounds great. I love it,  the wand, drum and stick, I will treasure them and take care of my new friends. So happy Bob, you did a fantastic job. Thank you God bless you always." --Virginia

Bob, my wonderful

Hummingbird Drum is here! I

am so happy.  

YOU have some serious

skills!  Even unwrapping the

packaging twine was such a

nice experience.  I cannot

even imagine how you can

stretch the skin so tightly

across the drum's head. And you did a fine job selecting the happy colors for the decorations. My drum is perfect!

I'm looking forward to selecting a name for my instrument and sending out some spiritual love to the universe.  Oh, and feel free to add pictures of my drum on your website.

Thank you, --Florida

"Hi, Bob! 

Wow, I received the drum yesterday...left work to make a trip to the post office :)

Took it home, opened up the box and was of course very happy. I didn't know you were going to include the beater, and it is perfect!  Green is my favorite color, has been all my life! When I got back home, I spent some time bonding with it and the energy feels deeply nurturing but in a joyful way.  

One more experience to share with you:  I've been home from housesitting for over a week.  Night before last when I went to bed, exhausted and having worked with stress reduction for myself, I began smelling pipe tobacco smoke again.  It was a different scent than what I smelled at the place where I was housesitting.  It lingered for a while.  Then yesterday when I opened the drum, the exact same scent from the bag of herbs is what I smelled.  To make this story even more amazing, I was telling my boyfriend about it and he shared with me that he had also smelled pipe tobacco again on his drive in to work a couple days ago.  He said it was different than what we smelled at the house where I was staying!!!!!!  

Thanks for all the suggestions about preparing and bonding with the drum.  And thanks for telling me about the personality you felt from it as well as that it is made from cowhide.  You intuited that I like a deeper tone!!!!!  Your input made this sacred drum the perfect one for me!" --Kentucky

"Hi Bob,
Started a new project at work, unfortunately it has sucked all of my time away... I did receive my drum :) Thank you so much!!! It's awesome! I can't wait to get more familiar with it!"


"Hello, Bob,

"A beautiful drum which sounds amazingly deeper than what I thought it would be. The sound resonates deeply. Bob, the craftsmanship is amazing, your skills are awesome! Thanks!"



"The drum has arrived safely and is truly wonderful. Thank you so much. It will be an honor to work with it." --California


"I feel very blessed in this moment and very thankful to you andmy spiritual and physical family for this amazing addition to my life." --Canada


"I am very pleased to say my drum has arrived. It exceeded my expectations! WOW it is so beautiful and the sound is perfect. I am so grateful and honored by your service. I appreciate your time and attention to detail as well as your infusion of healing energy while creating it. I feel truly blessed to partner with this drum as I am sure we will have many fabulous journeys together.  Thank You again!"  --Tennessee


"Thank you so very much. This lovely drum arrived yesterday and I connected to it immediately. I was having a very stressful day and suddenly realized I felt so peaceful. I hadn't even started to play it yet; its mere presence completed me. I am so excited and I have started reading already. Thank you again; I love it so much. I feel liberated!" --New York


"The beautiful drum you made for my healing center arrived on the blue moon. I made a welcoming ceremony... and I danced with the drum under the full moon. It was magic. She feels at home here already.

"Thank you for sending your beautiful heart energy to be part of our space!" --Thailand


"Good morning, Bob. I received my beautiful drum. From the minute the postman handed it to me, I could feel love and serenity. It just feels so right in my hands. And I thank you!"

--New York

"Namaste, Bob!

"I am happy to let you know the partner arrived couple of days ago! It's amazing! I felt in love from first moment when I saw it. The sound and virbration is so special...Excellent!! Ooh! :)) We had a welcoming ritual for my new partner. You know seems the drum likes fire. This Sunday we will have new moon ritual together with my shaman friends. Thank you very much for making so wonderful drum for me! I am really happy!" --Latvia

"Hi Bob!

"Just wanted to drop you a note that the drum arrived quickly and safely. I'm so impressed with the sound. It really does sing! I can't wait to try it out for real later." --Maryland


"I just got it! It is colorful and so perfect for me.  What a blessing. I love how it sounds and feels. Thank you for your and Mr. Lewis's dedication to beauty, in every sense. You outdid yourself!!! Munay and deep appreciation" --Texas

"Dear Bob,

"My beautiful hummingbird drum has arrived, it’s absolutely wonderful. We made an immediate connection of grace and joy. So precious! Can’t wait to connect further in ceremony. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And please pass on my gratitude to Mr Lewis. The images lift my spirit. And thanks for the smudge as well." --Australia

Molly Friedenfeld
"About the Hummingbird Drum

"Molly's Hummingbird Drum was created by joining hearts in a unified Project of Light with an amazing Shaman named Bob of Thunder Valley Drums. As the drum was being birthed Molly, her hummingbird guide named "Robin" and Bob joined hearts to hold the vision that this drum would be created to infuse souls with JOY and LOVE so they can step into their divinity and become the brilliant souls they came here to be!"

"Molly Friedenfeld is an Author, Teacher of Light, Inspirational Speaker, Angel of Light Coach, and Ordained Minister. Molly is also the creator of the Violet Wisdom Radio featuring The Earthly Angel Show and The Light of Humanity Show. Molly finds souls making a positive impact in their communities and shares their inspirational stories with the world. She is the author of two books, The Book of Simple Human Truths and Becoming an Earthly Angel." --Florida

  Thank you, Molly! --Bob

From Priya, in Texas (a blog article):

"Perhaps you are wondering....hmmm..should I invest in a handmade drum for my shamanic practices?  Is it worth it? I mean really, how could it be that different from others I have found on the Internet? The difference is who makes this important tool for your healing work.  From the first interaction to the last I knew I was working with a professional, dedicated and thoughtful healer.  He took such an interest in who I was as a healer and concentrated on bringing in my energy as he created the drum. 

"He worked quickly too! I got a custom drum with hand painted artwork in 2 weeks. 

"When I opened my package I could feel the physical and energetic craftsmanship that went into it. I had never used a drum to lead guided journey work for a workshop, so I was nervous.  The drum was my ally. I could feel it as part of me. From the email correspondence from Bob I knew it was because he let the drum create itself and held space for my energy.

"Do I love it? Yes!  Do I recommend him? Heck, yes! Thanks Bob.


       Thank you, Priya! --Bob

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customer comments   

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A Note from Bob...

A wonderful customer in 

Ohio secretly purchased a

Hummingbird Drum for his

wife, then caught the big

moment in these photos. Thanks to Bradley! Such joy! Honestly, this is why I love to make drums. (Here is one of Bradley's emails which adds another surprise...)

Hey Bob, the drum has arrived. My wife is so happy it  brought her to  tears. Also the drum was birthed on our first  daughter's birthday.  Thanks again. --Pennsylvania

Hi Bob, 
I have received the Drum! And oh do

I love it! It's beautiful and so well

made. I have let it sit for a little

while with my tools in my reading/

healing space and I'll be smudging

us this evening. I'll introduce it to the

backyard and the rest of the space

Saturday (weather depending) with

a small fire ceremony and a couple

of close friends. I appreciate the

detailed instructions, an ounce of

I have a attached a picture of just the drum right now so you are sure of its safety and I'll send some pictures of the 2 of us together after the fire ceremony. 
Thank you so much for this wonderful creature, I know we're going to do good work together in this world and others. 
My Best --Pennsylvania

Good Morning Bob!!

                                                        I am Gob Smacked!!  She                                                                   is beautiful and her sound is so                                                        gentle even when I play her                                                              quietly.  Last night I built a fire                                                            for the full moon, blessed her                                                            and played her. I get a lovely                                                            thrum from her without                                                                      disturbing the neighbors!! 

                                                       If you took a photo of her                                                                    please do use it.  When I can I'll                                                        send you one of me with her.

Please tell the artist (I know you told me his name) that I'm beyond happy.

Many year of calling Spirit...

Thank You so Much for your care and creation. --North Carolina

Hello there.  

Happy Thursday to you. Just wanted you to know my beautiful drum arrived safe and sound today. I will send pictures when I figure everything out.  

It is absolutely beautiful and sounds wonderful. I am almost afraid to touch it.  I am sure I will get over that very soon.  LOL

Thank you so much for your beautiful, passionate work.  I am honored to own one of your drums.

Enjoy your day. --Florida

Dearest Bob,

My drum arrived yesterday but I was so busy & then we were hit with a severe storm in the early evening that knocked out our power for much of the night. The drum is absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to hear her beautiful sound (I'm trying to keep any of my new metaphysical tools out of sight of my two teenage children as it makes them uncomfortable). Thank you so very much, Bob for paying such close attention to every detail! I am so very grateful!

Aho & Namaste --New York

Good evening Bob,

I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I absolutely LOVE my drum! She is a beauty for sure. The medicine bag and herbs were a great addition.

I have wanted a drum since I was very little. Parents (not wanting noise), life, etc just got in the way.

It is a dream come true.

I am so thankful I found your website! I am truly blessed.

Thank you so much for the amazing gift you created for me.
Namaste,  --U.S. family stationed in Germany

"Hi, Bob,

"The drum is beautiful! I cant stop staring! Your artist captured Nikki perfectly. I was having a rough day and as soon as i held it i found peace! The tone is rich and deep. I will enjoy putting the decorations on the drum. I have also put your name and drum's picture on my Instagram and Facebook. Thanks again, Blessings." --Kentucky

"Hi Bob,
The drum arrived last Wednesday, I got a few minutes to connect with it then but only got to drum properly on Sunday. I have to admit there were tears when we connected and Sunday was beautiful. I'm so delighted with her and I know we'll have a wonderful journey together.

Thank you again so much, I love the decorations and it's so light I could drum for hours. As it's my first drum I'm looking forward to learning with her and getting to know her voice as well. I really can't express fully how grateful I am to you and what you've done for me, you are a truly gifted creator. X


"Hello Bob,
     Yes I received the drum just today and it is beautiful, better than I imagined. We are already connecting and I know before too long we will become trusted friends. Thank you so much for your service as you went above and beyond. I'll definitely be recommending your web site to people." --Idaho

"Hi, Bob,
"The drum is so beautiful and I know the folks will be thrilled!

"Someday we will meet in person and I can give you a big hug for everything! Please tell Glenn (the artist) that he is amazing and I am sending blessings to him!"  --Minnesota

"Hi Bob!
"This is  -------'s girlfriend who he ordered the beautiful drum for. I just opened it today and WOW!!! I am so so so beyond blessed to have received that special drum that you made. It is absolutely beautiful and exceeded my expectations. I look forward to carrying that with me on my medicine and healing journeys. Thank you so much ????

"Love and light."  --New York

(Purchased a Hummingbird Drum and a TVD Thunder Drum):
"Bob.  WOW!!!!!
"I have no proper words for our new drums. (We) are stunned.  I knew they would be nice but they're beyond beautiful.  

God bless you and the artist for the work you do.  I really don't know what to say.  I will include you both in my meditation and prayers every day. I mean that.

"God bless, Aho and Namaste."  --New Jersey

"Hi Bob,
"I received my drum today!  I can't thank you enough! It is absolutely beautiful! My deepest gratitude to you and  Mr. Lewis.... I love it :)   --Minnesota

"Hi Bob!
"I got the drum today!!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I absolutely love it! The drum is amazing. The hummingbird is amazing! The colors are amazing. It’s so beautiful. I am so happy that I met you. You are so awesome!!!!!!" --Florida


"We received the drum yesterday and my wife loves it. She has already put it to use. Thank you very much." --New Jersey

"Hey Bob,
"I received the drum! She sings beautifully! Much gratitude. The drum is beautiful and sits perfectly in my music! i will be sure to send you some tracks we use it in." --New York 

(The following is from a purchaser of two drums, one for herself, another as a surprise for her husband)

Seriously -- I don't know what to say. Thank you is not enough. Did you ever consider that you're like a midwife, ushering precious souls into the earthly plane? What an amazing service you provide, birthing those drums.  Mine already feels like it's an extension of me. [He] loves his, too. Much like a mother awaiting the arrival of her child, I was able to dream mine into existence and then patiently wait as you kept me posted about its development.  
Things I love about mine:
The sound. I began to get to know it last night, playing around on different spots. WOW. What powerful throatiness it has!
The decorations. I never told you that I wanted it, because I was trusting in your judgement especially after you saw the painting, but OHHHHH how I was ACHING for that rainbow string that I had seen on your blue rainbow drum. And then, when I unwrapped mine and saw it...well, Bob, I would have weeped had I not been in such awe at its beauty. And the drumstick, too?  Sigh. That goes without saying. I love it all.
That painting. Oh. My. GOODNESS. Glenn did such a phenomenal job capturing the essence of the nebula. I can't believe how well that came through. I do believe that his Dutch Masters ancestors are filled with pride! [My husband] was afraid to play his drum -- didn't want to mess up the paint. I said, "NO BABY! That is the whole point.  This is a working drum -- not just a work of art!!!"  
This experience working with you has been priceless. Thank you, Soul Brother.
Much love." --Virginia

(continued in next column)

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