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The Hopi School

The Hopitutuqaiki project took a significant step forward with the acquisition and erection of the first building to house the school in 2015. Volunteers immediately began preparing the structure, and it's now open.

There is much more needed, like basic amenities, so I believe in helping this beautiful project in every way possible. Thus, as of September 15, 2016, I will begin donating a portion of all sales from my little business to support this little school with a big dream.

I encourage you to  check out more information and perhaps you too will feel moved to contribute.

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Home For Wayward Drums

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Find Your Way With Thunder Valley Drums!

Thunder Valley Drums Good Works

As you'll see in the reference list below, drumming can change lives and improve health. This goes to the heart of what it is to be human spiritual beings when we express the natural rhythm of life by playing a drum. It's good for us. And that's because we are natural drummers. Anyone can do it. Place a drum in a child's hands and watch what happens! No instruction necessary.

And that's exactly what I hope we can do together. Get as many drums into as many childrens' hands as possible.


This is a trial project, so please try to help as much as possible. Many children may benefit greatly from your generosity.

Thunder Valley Drums

a baby plays a drum

I greatly admire the Hopitu (Hopi) people, a Native American Nation in the Arizona Mesa area primarily. They are known as the "peaceful people," and have carried on their beautiful traditions for eons, despite famine, conquest, epidemics, and natural calamities. To this day, Hopi art is renowned, and their commitment to protecting the Earth and all of its relations is a centuries-long practice that has inspired environmentalists around the world.  

In 1999 Princess Irene of Greece launched an initiative to help the Hopi establish a magnet school that would aim to preserve, teach and carry on precious Hopi traditions, many of which are threatened by the on-rush of the modern world. Thus came the Hopitutuqaiki, Hopi School, which started operating in 2005.

1. Please Contact Me  If You Wish To Donate An Old Or New Drum

  • I will let you know the destination of your drum when I send it.

Where Do You Want To Go Next?

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This first link will lead to abstracts for some early baseline studies, now 10 years old or so, by an influential researcher, Barry Bittman, M.D.

An interesting overview from NIH published results:

A few random, anecdotal articles, with footnotes for further research:
 at the end of Page 2, though some may be outdated)

 (overview article from Psychology Today’s site)

Other sources:

          Sandra Ingerman, MA, as a good source for books, which include powerful sections devoted to drumming in a shamanic context. She has also produced some good recordings (can search YouTube, or get CDs, etc.), as have several other experts. 


Have you ever wanted to share something good and so deeply important to you that you would go the extra mile no matter what? Well, this is one of mine: providing drums to people who can't afford them. 

I've given away a fair number of drums in the past, but this is something new. And vitally important.

2. Once I receive your donated drum and find it acceptable, I will refurbish it and provide it, along with others, to local charitable groups and schools in Kentucky as well as to the Hopi School (see above). Sorry, but I cannot return the drum to you.

How You Can Help

Articles / Research About The Benefits of Drumming

  • If possible, please include a photo of the drum you wish to donate. I will respond with an email.
  • Due to limited space, please donate only wooden frame-style drums, similar to what you see on this site. I cannot accept Djembe, metal framed drums (like you see in marching bands or rock bands), nor very large drums. If a drum is found to be irreparable or otherwise not acceptable, I will dispose of it.  Please do not send a drum until you have received a shipping address from me via email.